And So It Begins {The Ordinary Moments}

I knew this day was coming but I didn’t think it would come round so soon. I spent the whole summer focusing on 10th October, my Birthday, the day Little Man would start preschool but, at the start of September, when we had his school home visit, I was told they’d got the dates wrong.

Little Man starts preschool tomorrow and it is such a big thing. It’s the start of my last baby’s school days, it’s his first experience of proper childcare and it’s the first time I’ll be without a child by my side every day of the week since LP was born.

I was hoping for a few more weeks of adventures, weeks where Little Man and I could go on play dates, see friends and go to new places. But, the time has come for Little Man’s very own new adventure to begin.

Tomorrow Little Man will go to preschool, his backpack holding a change of clothes, his water bottle with his name on and a pair of wellies to keep at school ready for the mud and rain.

We’ll go to the same place we went to with LP when she started preschool and instead of waiting patiently at the door, this time Little Man will be stepping over the threshold into a whole new world – one that I have no doubt he will thrive in, full of lovely teachers, new friends and so much to learn.

Little Man will no longer be the one left behind with Mummy, he’ll be the one trying new things, playing with different toys and having his own little adventures each day. Preschool will be his time and he is very much ready for it.

So tomorrow, we’ll wave LP off at the school door and walk round the corner to preschool where Little Man will hang his coat on his peg, put his name on the board and give me that last big hug before going off to play.

And me? I’ll get used to my own new routine – dedicated time to go to the gym, to blog and to sit in coffee shops with my laptop, watching the world go by. Until midday, when I can have my little sidekick by my side again.

And So It Begins {The Ordinary Moments}


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  1. Aww I hope he loves it. We decided to send Aria early for two mornings per week and she started a couple of weeks ago, she loves it, but like you I have always had someone by my side and it takes some getting used to. But you do get things done in that time and every time I pick her up she runs at me with the biggest grin and that’s magic 🙂

  2. Good luck! I hope he enjoys it. My littlest is at preschool and although there are usually a lot of tears when I leave her, she always has a great time there and can’t wait to tell me all about it x

  3. Hope it’s gone well and he has a great time. I’d love to have that time free, but it feels strange to be doing stuff. I’ve got a half day flexi leave to take – usually I’d try and get them so they’re in school holidays, but this one is random…and I’m not sure what I’ll do having time off without N.

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