Oooper-Man! {The Ordinary Moments}

Up until now Little Man has been obsessed with Thomas the Tank and nothing else has come close to his love of Thomas but recently, and I think with a little help from Daddy, Little Man has become aware of Superman and I think Thomas may have to fight for Little Man’s affections going forward.

It started with Little Man having a Superman onesie and a couple of Superman tops and us pointing out Superman to him. From there he started watching the Superman cartoons on the TV and suddenly he’d start pointing and saying ‘Ooooper-man!’

Little Man’s Superman love knows no limits and if we’re at the shops and he sees the Superman logo he’ll get excited, bounce up and down and shout ‘Ooooper-man!’ in glee. I don’t know what it is about Superman that Little Man loves so much but I have a feeling Superman will be around for a while – and maybe other super heroes too.

I think Dave is quite pleased that Little Man seems to be following in Dave’s ‘superhero fan’ footsteps and I know as the years go by Dave will enjoy teaching Little Man all about the world of super heroes, comic books and the great movies that have come off the back of them.

For now though Little Man loves walking around, telling us he’s Superman and shouting whenever he sees anything vaguely Superman related. I love how vocal he is getting, how he can express himself and how he loves things that he chooses. It’s great to see his personality developing, his conviction for things and how excited he gets.

I have a feeling Christmas may be Superman themed in our house this year.

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