Respect {The Ordinary Moments}

At the end of the school term LP was Star of the Week at school for truly embracing the school’s values. The value that LP had really shown in her work and school life was respect – something I am so proud of.

Respect {The Ordinary Moments}

The certificate she brought home said that she is always listening and following instructions and being kind to all those around her. As much as it’s lovely to have a child that loves being at school and loves to learn there really is nothing like knowing that your child is nice – especially when you’re not around to keep them in check.

LP loves school and she has so many friends. We had hoped that this year we’d be able to scale back her party and just invite her closest friends but when I spoke to her about that she was confused and said simple ‘but everyone is my friend Mummy’. She especially wanted to invite two new children from school because ‘they have never been to a school party before Mummy’ – and although she hardly knew the two new boys she has taken it upon herself to be their friend, to help them settle in at school and just to be extra kind to them.

When the children last stayed with their grandparents for the weekend I had a message from Dave’s lovely mum saying that the children were exhausted but so well behaved. We often have people remark at how nice the children are when out and about – polite, well mannered and just nice. But it’s something we don’t take for granted – we always have to tell them to stop doing things at home, be nicer to each other, share better. I think parenting is like that – it’s little, often, constant!

LP and Little Man are such good kids. They really are. But, it’s not something I often shout about – it doesn’t seem to be the done thing to say how nice and kind your children are at the moment and it’s something that I don’t think I praise them enough for. But, I am so proud of them. Every time they say good morning to someone, hold a door for a smaller friend at school, let someone go in front of them or pass something to someone I feel pride in just how nice they are.

Having LP as Star of the Week made me quite emotional because it was rewarding LP for something that she does naturally. It wasn’t something she had to work hard at or go above and beyond to achieve. She was rewarded for having good manners, for being kind and for having respect and it just reinforced to me what a lovely little girl she is. Her brother is pretty lovely too but he isn’t at the stage of getting certificates to reinforce it yet! I have two really lovely children and for that I am so proud.

If you have an ordinary moment this week, come and link up with myself and Katie. We fly back from holiday half way through this week so I’ll try and catch up with comments and sharing once I’ve unpacked – thanks so much for linking up!

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  1. I love to hear the positive side of really apprecaiting our children, it’s blummin hard work this parenting but let’s celebrate them, and our little wins! Being kind and respectful is so inportant in life and they sound like they have that in spades x

  2. This is a lovely post, it’s so nice when other people recognise your child as quite often we don’t see it in the day to day aspects of life. Hope you’re all having a lovely holiday still x

  3. This is such a lovely post. I’m learning myself how to embrace the ordinary moments in our household as it’s always so hectic with 5 kids! I’ve been looking for some things to do with them while they’re on 6 weeks holiday and came across this amazing mummy site called – have you heard of it? Would highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t done so already, so many ideas for days out, competitions and there’s even a mum zone for 5 mins of ‘you time’. 🙂 Enjoy!

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