Keeping Children Safe in the Sun

Keeping the children safe in the sun is something that I will always worry about – I got burnt a lot as a child and spent so much time covered in aftersun with peeling skin and itchiness. As LP has the same colouring as me I worry constantly about her getting burnt. It isn’t just LP though, I worry the same about Little Man and other children as soon as the sun makes an appearance.

Keeping Children Safe in the Sun

When House of Fraser got in contact and asked me to write about how I keep the children safe in the sun I knew that I’d have a lot to say as it is a topic so close to my heart. Here are my tips for keeping children safe in the sun:

Sun Cream

Always, always remember the sun cream! We have sun cream at home and sun cream that lives in the change bag. Make sure you get as high a factor as possible and reapply every couple of hours.

Keeping Children Safe in the Sun


Always get your child to wear a hat in sunny weather (Even if they have to borrow one from their sibling!) – LP now has a routine where she will put her hat on before she goes outside – She knows that sunny weather means she has to wear a hat and even enjoys wearing it! Getting babies to wear hats is more difficult. We always found the hats with velcro chin straps to be better as the baby can’t get them off as easily and they tend to stay in place.

Keeping Children Safe in the Sun

Stay Out Of The Sun

I know, on sunny days you just want to be out in the sun but it’s recommended that during peak sun hours – 12pm-2pm ish – when the sun is at it’s hottest you limit your children’s time in the sun. We tend to have a relaxed extended lunch on very hot days and go back out later in the afternoon when it’s cooler. If we’re on a day out and can’t stay inside during this time we try and find shady areas or cover the children up a bit more.

Keeping Children Safe in the Sun


Make sure your children drink enough water when they’re out in the sun. It’s easy to get dehydrated especially if they’re running around enjoying themselves.

Keeping Children Safe in the Sun
Keeping Children Safe in the Sun

Disclosure: House of Fraser sent us the above outfits to feature in this post however all opinions are my own. You can find Little Man’s All in One from Bonnie Baby at House of Fraser and LP’s dress from Toby Tiger at House of Fraser.



  1. June 30, 2014 / 8:56 pm

    Love LP’s dress! I’ve started sewing elastic onto Toby’s sun hats but even that doesn’t always keep them on!

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