What the Redhead said is Three!

Oh wow. Where have the years gone? Today, What the Redhead said is three and I have now been blogging for nearly six years. It has gone by in a blur but the last year has been the biggest and most noteworthy so far.

The last year was the first one that I spent completely as a full time blogger. What the Redhead said is now my job. But, it is so much more than that. It’s an outlet, a hobby and something I love so much and that I am fortunate enough to get paid for.

I used to dream that one day I would have a job that I loved as much as this and I feel so incredibly lucky that my dream has been fulfilled. It hasn’t been easy and I have written about the steep learning curve of working from home but it is probably the one thing I am most proud of in life.

This blog hasn’t changed much over the last year. I still write Living Arrows and the Ordinary Moments linkys. I still document the children’s milestones and us as a family growing and I still take so many photos.

The last year has brought What the Redhead said a shiny new layout. It’s also brought me a bigger love of YouTube, Instagram and even my Facebook page. It feels like over the last year all the different aspects of blogging have started to gel and work together so well.

I don’t know what the next year will bring. I know I will keep writing updates, we will still go on adventures and then tell you about them and I’ll keep running giveaways to give a little something back to the people who read this blog too.

So if you are one of those – the people who read regularly or the people who stumble upon this blog through a Google search – thank you. Thanks for reading and thanks for being there, another year on.

Cheers everyone – happy three years to this little space of mine. Happy Birthday What the Redhead said.

What the Redhead said is Three!

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