Laughter Lines {The Ordinary Moments}

Welcome back to another week of the Ordinary Moments. If you haven’t joined in before this is a weekly linky that launches every Sunday morning and is open until midnight on the following Saturday. It’s a linky that celebrates any ordinary moments in your life – or the not so ordinary some weeks too. Basically – anything goes. I’ll be sharing and commenting on the posts that are linked up during the week and there’s a badge at the bottom of the post if you’d like to add it to yours too.

Laughter Lines {The Ordinary Moments}

LP and I were having a cuddle the other day and she asked if I could take a picture of us, a selfie. So I did. And, like I often do, I said to LP how similar we are, that she was just like me in miniature. And her response? ‘We look the same Mummy! But you have more lines around your eyes’

Ah the honesty of children. They just say what they see and you really can’t fault them for that. I told LP that I had lines around my eyes because I had lived life laughing and smiling as much as possible – and so those lines are like a souvenir of all the great times we’ve had, all the happiness and all the lovely things we have lived through.

In fact, I had a pretty tough time as a young adult and teenager. But, since meeting my husband and having the children I feel like I have done nothing but laugh and smile. The good times across my life far outweigh the bad and I know that those laughter lines have been well earned – I have laughed until I have cried more times than I can remember.

And I hope in years to come LP has her own laughter lines, that her eyes crease at the edges just like mine do and that she also looks back and thinks that she has had a happy life, full of laughter and smiles, a life that has been worth every line on her face and a life that she would love to live all over again.

LP looks at me and sees a grown up version of her. One with squishy bits, lines and hair that’s changing colour around the edges. She sees her future but not necessarily one of working from home and with marriage and two children. But she sees one of getting older happily, laughing, smiling and enjoying life. She sees a big version of herself, just as she is now. And I hope she lives a life so full, so happy and so complete – just like mine.

The Ordinary Moments

If you have an ordinary moment this week, come and link up – I’m looking forward to reading the moments that you share and will comment and share them on Twitter through the course of the week. Thanks so much for taking part.

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  1. This is a lovely post and I am the same I have so many laughter lines. I often look in the mirror and moan about how many wrinkles that I have but I know I shouldn’t. I have laughed my way through life and when my girls reach my age I hope they can say the same!! #ordinarymoments

  2. What great wishes for her! This is such a positive post, and got me thinking that whilst I have has a lot of hard times too, it’s the goodness that really stands out and the fun and laughter! I love the positivity you have Donna! Yes she is your beautiful little miniature x #OrdinaryMoments

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