Sharing a Room {The Ordinary Moments}

Our children have never slept in the same room. They are lucky to have a bedroom each and slept in our room for just the first six months after they were born. Since then they have slept happily in their own rooms and there has never really been a need for them to share – even on holidays they have had their own rooms.

When we went on our Royal Caribbean cruise my main concern was the sleeping arrangements. The children hadn’t shared a room before and hadn’t slept in the same room as us for such a long time either, I had no idea how it would turn out – and it kept me awake at night for quite a while beforehand!

In the end LP had a double sofa bed to herself, Little Man had a travel cot and Dave and I slept in the kingsize bed. Both nights the children slept perfectly – asleep within a few minutes, no playing up and slept until about 7am each morning. I was amazed! I would worried for so long but completely needlessly.

I feel like a huge hurdle has been overcome – more my fear than their actual sleeping arrangements! I am now looking into planning breaks away, holidays and special weekends where we have adjoining rooms or even where we all share – like a Travelodge or the family rooms at Disney. The idea of this doesn’t worry me anymore and I am so proud of how the children deal with whatever situation arises – they had never shared before and yet it didn’t phase them, they just slept.

I’m looking forward to more adventures where the children, and us, will share a room and instead of dreading it we’ll look forward to it, embrace it and appreciate the great times we can have together.

Sharing a Room {The Ordinary Moments}

Katie is away on holiday this week – the lucky thing! – so she has asked me to host The Ordinary Moments for her this week. Leave a link to your Ordinary Moment below and I’ll stop by and have a read over the next few days – thanks for linking up!


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  1. Impressive how they just got on with it, they must have been totally wiped out.

    N’s a nightmare when on holiday. Usually he’s away with just me, and that means sharing a room, and usually a bed. He’ll want to stay up, not really tired (even though he still wakes well before 7. I end up sitting in darkness until he’s asleep and then quietly turning the tv back on and a light.

  2. I have a girl and three boys – it worked out really well as my daughter likes her own space but the boys love the constant ‘sleepover’ vibe #OrdinaryMoments

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