I Spy {The Ordinary Moments}

I can’t remember when we first started to play I Spy but it’s something we always play in the car, a way of passing long journeys and something everyone can join in with. But, we always played I spy with my little eye something that is blue – or red, or orange. You get the idea.

We would use colours as the children could both easily spot colours and it meant even Little Man could join in who, when we started to play, had no idea about letters or the sounds that words began with.

But, something has changed. LP and I went to a party the other day and in the car she started playing I Spy, just like we had done so many times before but she started saying I spy with my little eye something beginning with t – or c, d or any other letter that she could think of.

But she didn’t just throw letters out there – they were the right letters for the things that she had spied. They were t for trees, c for cars, b for bushes and s for sat nav. She could not only play I Spy the way it was always meant to be played but she got all the letters right too.

When it was my go to spy something LP was a great opponent, easily guessing the words I had in my mind. If I couldn’t guess one of her words she would give me a clue – b was something next to the road with berries on it and t was something that went green, red and yellow and told you when to go. Her clues were so good and just the simple game of I Spy showed me how much LP has already learnt about the world in those short five and a half years.

LP, in just the space of a few months has gone from playing I Spy with colours to playing it the way it is meant to be played, with letters and phonics. It has shown me that soon we’ll be playing Scrabble Junior and other games and I’m not sure I’m ready for that just yet.

LP happily reads any words she sees around her – signs in the supermarket, billboards on the street and the names of shops as we walk down the road. She loves to learn and can never get enough information, always wanting more and checking with us that the way she has read something or pronounced it is correct.

It seems like only yesterday LP was in the car happy to sign songs and see how many red cars she could spot and before I could even blink she is this little girl with a thirst for knowledge wanting to play proper word games. I honestly don’t know how we got here but it’s definitely keeping us on our toes!

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  • Ben and Chloe love to play I Spy too – and always with the letters, of course Amy tries to join in but struggles. She just shouts out all the things she can see <3

  • Ahhh Donna this is so familiar to me! This is an ordinary moment in our car too, and recently has evolved from colours to letters (often with clues too). I love it! I love too how happy it makes you feel to see them coming on in leaps and bounds with their reading and letter recognition. Well done LP x #ordinarymoments

  • This is lovely! I noticed this too recently. Now my boys have started school they’ve also started playing this and using the right letters although they want to know the word in Italian too to check if it starts with the same letter! This keeps me on my toes too but also good practise for my vocab 🙂

  • Oh this is so lovely and it brought back memories of my own childhood when we used to play I spy in the car. It’s not something we have played with F yet but I think we will try now. Well done to her for using all the right sounds too x