Our Windmill Garden {The Ordinary Moments}

We started a tradition last summer that whenever we went on a day out or holiday and saw a windmill for the garden we’d buy it. We then let the children ‘plant’ the windmills in the garden and they would become a feature, spinning happily in the breeze and adding colour to the garden.

LP and Little Man love this tradition. They get excited whenever they see a windmill in the shop and love to choose one each to take home with us. They tend to choose different ones, different colours or styles and they hold on to them all the way home.

We plant the windmills as a family, deciding where they will go and which direction they will face. Sadly, some windmills don’t last very long but others have been in our garden from the start. Windmills are something the children love, something we can all appreciate together and something that has become so ordinary for us – a corner of the garden dedicated to our little windmill garden.

We bought a couple of windmills on our brief trip to Scotland and another during our weekend in Cumbria. I know that as the summer goes on our garden will get more colourful and the windmill garden will continue to grow and I hope we always have our happy windmill patch.

Our Windmill Garden {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. Aw this is just so cute, I absolutely love it and would like one of those in our garden. We have one multicoloured one in ours and I hadn’t thought to add more to it. You should definitely keep collecting one from each of your travels! x

  2. Looks fab! I love to hear of little traditions and ideas like this that families do, inspiring!

    My kids love these too and always want to put them on their sisters grave so that she “has something to play with” – emotional but lovely! Windmills are special to us too x

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