Seasoned Travellers {The Ordinary Moments}

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Seasoned Travellers {The Ordinary Moments}

LP and Little Man are four and six and yet they have stayed away from home more than I did in my whole childhood. We often stay at hotels or go away for the weekend to self catering accommodation. We are away as often as possible, going to tourist attractions, seeing more of the country and just trying to pack as many memories in as possible.

Because of this I can pack pretty quickly. I am used to what we need for a night or two away. Dave packs the bathroom stuff and all the children have to do is decide which cuddly toys to take with them – one, sometimes two.

We then load up the car and see where we end up. The children have a new magazine if it’s a long journey or they might watch a movie. We’ll relax and get into holiday mode.

When we get to our destination the children will pick where they’re sleeping, marking their bed with their cuddly toys and then they’ll relax – seeing what there is to eat, what there is to do and whether there’s a swimming pool.

At first being away from home wasn’t something the children were used to. They missed their rooms, their toys and the cat. But, as time has gone on they’ve relaxed into being away. They’ve loved the variety, seeing new things and being on an adventure.

And now they love going away. They love not knowing where we’re going to end up, knowing it will be somewhere new and different and knowing that they get to sleep in a lovely bed with fresh sheets and have a bath with fluffy towels.

As long as the children are with us and have their favourite cuddly toys then they’re happy. It’s so nice getting to see more of the country, show the children new things and have quality time together too. I’m sure we’ll be travelling throughout the children’s childhood as much as possible.

Seasoned Travellers {The Ordinary Moments}
The Ordinary Moments

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  • We need to do more of this I think! Although we’ve been on a fair few holidays with Max, they’ve all been self catering places. We stayed in our first hotel last year in September and it was a nightmare to be honest – no-one slept well, and the novelty of being in the same room as us meant that Max was up a lot in the night. I think Ben ended up in his sleepyhead on the floor, I had Max in the double with me, and John was on the single which was supposed to be Max’s! I hear the more you do it, the easier it gets 🙂

    • It definitely gets easier the more you do it BUT we only started having real success when Little Man was probably about 2.5. Before that, it was hard. Babies don’t understand travelling as much as bigger children do! x

  • We don’t do a lot of travelling, but making a big trip over the summer. I think it does get easier the more you do it though. You are doing amazing and love these photos xx

  • This is what I really want to try and achieve this year, there’s so many great places for children in this country to visit and see, and for us adults aswell. There’s a lot we haven’t seen either. Got to make those memories while you can.

  • I love travelling with mine and like you even our little boy who is 1 has been away more times in his short little life than I had until I was about 20! It’s such a lovely thing to watch their passion for seeing the world around them. x

  • I get really itchy feet and like to have a few weekends planned for the next couple of months in advance. I am in the throws of arranging our Summer getaways. Its definitely one of the huge advantages of being a blogger x