School Photo Face {The Ordinary Moments}

When LP started preschool she had her first ever school photo and it coincided with her phase of doing a cheese face in every photograph. Thankfully the photographer managed to capture a lovely, natural smile and not the one she’d use in every photo for us.

Since then LP has continued to do that same cheese face in all her posed photos at home and often not looking at the camera either so when the school photos were about to happen at LP’s very first proper year of school I was nervous that she would do her usual posed smile for the camera.

I have been trying to teach LP that she doesn’t need to do a big cheesy grin every time someone says smile and instead she can do a nice, normal smile for the camera. I asked LP to do a normal smile the other day when I had my camera in my hand and she asked ‘A school photo smile Mummy?’. So the things I say must be rubbing off!

LP has been perfecting her natural smile ever since and it’s a big improvement on her cheese smile although I am hoping in time that smiling for a camera will become more of a natural thing for her – and I’m also looking forward to seeing what sort of smile the school photographer captured this year!

School Photo Face {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. So cute and I love her smile. I need to adopt this with B he doesn’t get that he doesn’t have to close his eyes and smile so hard and say cheese literally to smile. I need “a school photo smile” to adopt in this house too. Great idea. #ordinarymoments

  2. Oh bless her she looks adorable. I know the feeling about the cheese smile- we got Mads school photo back and it is awful haha. But of course we will order them as it is her first ever school photo and that is very special! x

  3. if I ask Arlo to smile he does this weird pained grimace that he thinks is a big smile, as he has no idea how to do a forced smile! It’s quite funny but never works for a serious photo. I have to find ways to get a genuine smile out of him instead.

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