Feeding Ducks {The Ordinary Moments}

One thing we have never done enough of with LP, or Little Man, is feed the ducks. It’s one lovely thing that I remember fondly from childhood but something that LP has never spent much time doing.

We recently went out for the day and when we were walking to lunch LP saw some ducks and said she’d like to feed them. We hurried her to lunch but promised to go and see the ducks afterwards. LP ate most of her lunch but kept a sandwich aside, saving it to feed those ducks!

After lunch LP refused to let go of her sandwich, walking and holding it with both hands until we found some ducks again. She then started to break it up and feed it to the ducks but one of the ducks, a boy one, was in a bit of a rush and instead of waiting patiently it tried to get the bread out of LP’s hand and nipped her finger!

Well that was the end of LP’s duck feeding and she shoved the bread at me whilst screaming about her finger. In the end her finger was fine but I doubt she’ll be very quick to feed ducks in future!

Feeding Ducks {The Ordinary Moments}

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  • Oh no hope it hasn’t put her off!
    The only place we can feed them is by the river so don’t think I’ll be taking the girls unruly they’re much older as they’re too wild for being anywhere near a river!!

  • Oh bless her, I have an early memory of a swan biting my finger whilst I was in my buggy holding some bread at a similar age- I wasn’t keen after that! We love a bit of duck feeding, but the trouble is all the ducks are overfed and fat where we live so never seem very grateful when we visit- need to find some scrawny little beggers elsewhere! x

  • Haha oh dear bless her- typical! I had a swan bite me when I was little and I am still a little scared today. But you are right it is definitely something which I remember fondly about being a little girl and something we try and do with our girls occasionally as they always love feeding the ducks! x