Playing Trains {The Ordinary Moments}

We have had a wooden train set for a while now, since we were sent one to review. At Christmas I bought some expansion sets of track for it but really it hasn’t been played with enough at all. It’s the kind of toy that needs time to set up – given the children’s ages – and we don’t find the time often enough to get it out.

But recently I got the train set out whilst LP was at preschool. I thought Little Man might like it and not having LP there would give me a chance to make a decent track without too many distractions. Little Man helped make the track by passing me pieces and then spent so much time making the train go round and the bridge rise and fall. He loved it.

When LP got home she played with the train set too and for both of them it was as though they hadn’t seen it for such a long time and it was a really big novelty for them. The track stayed up all day and I put it away that evening but they played with it almost constantly through the day and I haven’t seen them have so much focus for one toy in a very long time.

The train set will now be making an appearance at least once a week and I look forward to a time when LP and Little Man can help to make the track but for now they are happy making the train go round! A wooden train set is definitely a great toy for childhood and one with so many possibilities.

Playing Trains {The Ordinary Moments}


  • Donna Wishart

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  1. Ahhh how gorgeous does he look pushing it around!!! We have a tiny little figure 8 one but Arthur doesn’t quite get pushing the train around the track yet…I’m sure he will soon!!
    Your track looks amazing!!! Xx

  2. Such a lovely post. We bough M a wooden train set for Christmas and though he likes it, I also don’t think it gets the attention it deserves. I’d never thought of it as needing effort from me though, so I think I will be taking the lead a little more often and make a point of getting it out every now and then too. x

  3. You really cant beat a wooden train set, looks like so much fun. Sophia is exactly the same when i get toys out that she hasn’t seen for a while, it is a complete novelty to her too, i should do it more often! Tanita x

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