Stroppy Madam {The Ordinary Moments}

Like any two year old, LP has her ‘terrible’ moments. On the whole, she is a funny, beautiful, clever, bubbly little thing who is an absolute joy to be around. But every so often we’ll have a time when she is the complete opposite – a complete terror. Then there are the times in between where she is just a stroppy madam!

When LP doesn’t get her own way or just when she’s tired she’ll go into full on ‘strop’ mode. This will be her hanging her head, folding her arms, sticking her tummy out or even sitting on the floor. She’ll refuse to walk, refuse to move anywhere, refuse to stand on the buggy board and generally won’t do anything we would like her to do – at these times unless LP wants to do something there will be no budging her.

Stroppy Madam {The Ordinary Moments}

Often, when LP is in strop mode, there will be no reasoning with her at all – we’ll offer her all the usual ‘bribes’ and none will work. Do you want a biscuit? No. Do you want chocolate? No. Ice cream? No. Watch Mickey Mouse? No. Play with Daddy’s phone? No. All reasoning will be lost as even LP isn’t quite sure why she’s in a strop anymore!

Stroppy Madam {The Ordinary Moments}

In these moments I tend to walk away. See you later then! LP will, more often than not, run after me “Wait for me Mummy!” and the minute I stop walking, she’ll stop walking a few paces behind me and stick her belly out again. At some point though, LP will cave and will go back to being lovely again – usually after cuddles and piggy backs have been offered and accepted!

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  1. Haha !! The arms crossed strop mode is a particular favourite of E’s too (good to know I’m not the only one who resorts to bribery) 😉 x

  2. These photos made me laugh! Kids in strop mode are so funny (although not perhaps for mummy when she is trying to reason with them!)

  3. Haha I love this post Donna because that little stroppy pose is something we see often here. My girl is the sweetest but also can be a complete terror at times. The strops are hard but the good times are worth it! 😉 x

  4. Haha I love that she sticks her tummy out, lol. My Ellie when she strops, sticks out her lower jaw, such a random thing to do I know, but still rather amusing! How cute is a stroppy LP though!! x

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