Hiding {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man is a child who loves a routine and loves to do things in a pattern. For him there is one routine he loves more than anything and that is hiding.

You see, whenever anyone comes to our house – or even if I just come home from work – Little Man will rush to hide before that person comes into the lounge. He’ll literally stop what he’s doing and dash off to hide, squealing at the excitement of it all.

But in our lounge there aren’t too many places to hide – behind the door or in the gap between the sofas – his most favourite of hiding places. If he doesn’t have time to hide properly he’ll throw himself on the sofa, hold a cushion on top of his head and will know, with complete conviction, that no-one can see him because he can’t see them.

Whoever has walked into the lounge will at this point need to find Little Man and Dave and I make sure we do a good deal of searching before actually finding him. Then Little Man does the biggest of smiles and announces “Here I am!” with such glee.

He’s a happy little thing who loves to hide – and the rest of us are more than happy to find him.

Hiding {The Ordinary Moments}

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  • Aw so sweet! LL is exactly the same, she will hide in the exact same places if we play hide and seek, even if she has literally just hid there 2 seconds before. I love how they also hide where we can blatantly see them- so cute and full of innocence! What a gorgeous little boy you have! x

  • So cute! Toby loves hiding at the moment too. He does that hiding in the sofa thing as well but his favourite is hiding under the blanket with either me or his daddy – we are instructed to ‘hide together’! I do spend half of every day saying ‘where’s Toby gone? I can’t see him anywhere!’ Toddlers eh?

  • Hahaha I love his little squished face!! Kids love hiding don’t they? Its so cute how they think they are so well hidden too.. a brilliant part of childhood indeed x