Barnaby’s Visiting for the Holidays {The Ordinary Moments}

Katie’s off on her adventures this half term so I’ve offered to host The Ordinary Moments for her so she can step away and relax for the week. If you’d like to link up you can at the bottom of the post.

Just before the children broke up for the summer holidays LP had the class soft toy come to stay for a weekend. We all loved taking him out and about and I even wrote an Ordinary Moments post about our adventures. But, on Friday, Little Man got to bring the nursery bear – Barnaby – home for the holidays.

Little Man has always watched his sister getting to do fun things through being at school and has never been able to participate himself so this was such a big thing for him – and he has made sure that Barnaby hasn’t left his side since.

Barnaby is being shown everything that Little Man does, he gets to share the experiences and go along for the ride. Little Man watches TV with him, sits with him at meal times and even takes him to bed. Every sentence that Little Man says involves Barnaby in some way and for Little Man, his very first school holidays are going to be all about Barnaby.

Barnaby's Visiting for the Holidays {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man has always shared LP’s friends and watched her go on school outings, dress up and do homework but now Little Man gets to do things for himself. Nursery has opened up a whole new world for him – one where he makes his own friends, gets to have his own experiences and gets to do things he loves – like sharing his life with Barnaby.

I can’t wait to see what adventures Little Man takes Barnaby on over the next week but one things for sure, whatever Little Man gets up to, Barnaby will be along for the ride.

Barnaby's Visiting for the Holidays {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. This is so cute. What a big moment in Little Mans life and lovely that he got to have him for the holidays. I would be panicking all week about where Barnaby was, could you imagine loosing him!!! Thanks for hosting this week X

  2. Aww its fab that Little Man got Barnaby in the holidays so he can see all your half term adventures. Its hard for the littler ones seeing their siblings doing things they can’t be a part of, my little Lily found that bit really hard, especially as we make sure everything is as equal as it can be at home! Hope you have a lovely half term xx

  3. How exciting! I remember bringing home cuddlies when I was at Primary school, but what a treat to be able to have him over half term!!
    I do feel for him though, it must be hard sometimes, with him being a bit younger, and not being able to do all the things her sister does. xx

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