Before Bath Streaking {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man has really started to love bath time and it’s very much part of his evening routine. Straight after dinner we’ll clean him off, bring him upstairs and get him undressed ready for the bath.

The now naked Little Man will then go and explore upstairs – more often than not he’ll just crawl straight into the bathroom but sometimes he’ll crawl down the hall, willing us to chase after him and giggling like a crazy thing as he does a super speedy naked baby crawl all the way down to our room.

Before Bath Streaking {The Ordinary Moments}

This is the one part of the day where Little Man gets to have ‘nappy free’ time and he really does love it! He would stay naked all day if he could but always, eventually, makes his way to the bathroom and climbs up to stand at the bath looking in.

Before Bath Streaking {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man loves the bathroom and stands at the bath as often as he can – Whether it’s bathtime or not. Sometimes I take him upstairs too when LP needs the toilet and he’ll stand looking into the bath whilst I’m occupied helping LP. But at bathtime Little Man will stand and bounce a little, stealing things from around the bathroom and making ‘oooo-oooo’ noises in his excitement to get in the bath!

Before Bath Streaking {The Ordinary Moments}

Bathtime is a very ordinary moment for most people but Little Man’s streaking sessions before bathtime makes the whole thing extra special for us – Our happy, naked, playful baby boy.


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  1. Oh my! What a little nudie rudie! That’s what we call it in our home anyway! My boys used to love this before bath time, and especially when it’s as humid as it is right now! Now they’re all modest and shout things like – ‘can I have a little privacy please?!’ #OrdinaryMoments

  2. Ahhh bless I love a cute little innocent baby running around naked. My son hates being naked and I think he is the only one on the planet that’s like that. Its funny but Missy Moo is the same as yours loves before bath and running around being naked and free. So innocent and cute. Lovely photos and #ordinarymoments

  3. So sweet, it sounds a lot like our bath time ritual too (minus the bath, he’s in the shower now…we fill it up and sit him in it!) I love how much fun babies have when they are nappy free, it must feel so amazing for them!!

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