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I’ve never been big on having a beauty regime – I like to keep things as simple, and quick as possible and so have never really used beauty or body care products. But, since having the children, and since turning thirty actually, I have really noticed a difference in my skin and how tired I look compared to just a few years ago – before children!

Remescar Eye Bag and Dark Circles Cream in Box
Remescar Eye Bag and Dark Circles Cream

Recently, Remescar got in touch and sent me details of their Eye Bag and Dark Circles Cream, a premium beauty product to try at home. I watched the videos online of the product in action and I thought it looked too good to be true. I have never been blown over by a cream before but I just had to try Remescar for myself.

Now, my eyes are by no means that bad. On a day to day basis I just look tired and try and cover that up with make up. On the worst days, when the children have woken up through the night and where I haven’t gone to bed as early as I should, my eyes get puffy and swollen underneath.

I was interested to see how this cream would work for a pretty average thirty something year old woman who has no real experience of using creams before.

When the Remescar cream arrived I thought it looked pretty professional. I thought the tube inside was so small. Until I read that you only need a grain of rice sized amount for each eye. So even a small tube would last a long time.

Remescar Eye Bag and Dark Circles Cream
Remescar Eye Bag and Dark Circles Cream Box and Tube

How do you use the Remescar Eye Bag and Dark Circles cream?

After washing your face you rub the cream under your eye area and then have to remain expressionless for three minutes for the eye serum to fully absorb. At that point you can see the results – it’s pretty much instant and for me this was really impressive.

Usually with creams you have to use them day in and day out to potentially see a difference. With Remescar you can see an improvement right away.

Remescar review before and after

Remescar Eye Bag and Dark Circles Cream Before and After
Before and After using the Remescar Eye Bag and Dark Circles Cream

Did the cream make a difference?

My eyes aren’t that bad to start with. You can imagine the difference it would make on someone with bigger bags and more puffiness. I’m now using Remescar almost daily as part of my morning routine. I love that it doesn’t need washing off – you can just put makeup on straight over the top – or remain fresh faced.

Remescar has given my eyes the lift they needed and I feel much more confident as a result. I no longer have tired eyes when I go to work or take the children to school. I feel like Remescar has helped bring a bit of youth back to my face.

Unlike other skincare and eye creams, Remescar eye cream won’t get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. It isn’t a medical treatment. But it really does get rid of eye bags and dark circles. It’s something I’ve never seen before – and instant wrinkle corrector – and really does have to be tried to be believed.

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles Cream has an RRP £29.95

Remescar Eye Bag and Dark Circles Cream Review

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  1. Oh gosh Donna, that is very effective. I can’t imagine remaining expressionless for three minutes though, I’d definitely have to do it when the children were out!

  2. I have applied my remescar 4 times now on my eyes and not noticed an ounce of difference,i am so disappointed after paying all that money.i was so excited after seeing the ad over and over again….my eyes dont look any different at all

  3. Will this “get rid of” your eyebags permanently? Or does the effect only last until you wash it off?
    It looks promising but I would love something that will help in the long run! Thanks 🙂

  4. I had been quite poorly for several weeks and my eyes had puffiness underneath along with dark circles. I went to boots and asked a member of staff for some advice. She recommended Remescar & said if it didn’t work then to go back & let her know. However I’ve been thrilled with the results and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  5. I tried this product and yes it does work but when you wash your face your eyes are gone back to the tiring eyes i have. It seems to be only a temporary thing, i thought it would make my bags stay away for ever. Not impressed ..

    1. You just have to use the product each day for the same results – I don’t think any product can completely, permanently change the look of your face and if you expected miracle-like results forever from a £30 cream I think your expectations were too high. This cream is great, and as you said it does work. But, you have to have realistic expectations and be prepared to use it each day. I use it on any day when I want to look my very best and I am still so happy with the results.

  6. What am I doing wrong?? I have tried it three times and every time I end up with a white powder looking effect under my eyes, so before I can go out I have to wash it all off. After washing my face, I moisturised it and then applied the cream. So why doesn’t it work for me ??

    1. It sounds like you are putting too much on. All the cream should go into your skin not leave residue on your face. You need literally the smallest amount, like a grain of rice and it should cover your whole under eye area.

  7. I can see the difference so it works but I consider that this cream works just instant (before you wash or any oil(naturally from your skin or some products contain oil)) or it stays like this and the eye bag&dark circle will be dissapeared eventually? Because I do have some wash off lifting pack(powder&liuid mix and apply on face) it works instantly as soon as it dries up on my face, the skin is tighten and lifting(so it feels like a glue on the skin) but as soon as I wash if off my skin turn to normal. So I’m wondering this product also like wash off products or axtually it makes skin improved? If it is working permenantly I am willing to buy this!

    1. It’s not a permanent fix – it’s a beauty product not a procedure which is reflected in the cost. It would need to be used daily to see improvement every day – it won’t get rid of dark skin or eye bags forever.

  8. I used it today for the first time. I did put concealer on top of it and after seeing tutorial it says you shouldn’t. But I still loved the results. I could definitely see a difference

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