Sleeping Through

Little Man had the worst sleep in months whilst we were on holiday. He woke frequently, needed a lot of night feeds and spent long periods of each night crying. It was very unlike him and I’ve put it down to teething and maybe being slightly under the weather. We spent the week exhausted but still managed to have a lovely holiday.

When we got back on Friday something amazing happened. Little Man slept through the night for the first time. At nearly 11 months old Little Man slept from 8pm all the way through until 6am. I then fed him, Dave rocked him a while and he went back to sleep until 9am. Completely unexpected, amazing sleep after the awful time on holiday!

Admittedly, it was a one off. Since then Little Man has woken up at least once during the night and has ended up in bed with us around 7am each morning. But the fact that he has slept through once gives me hope for the future, reinforces my thoughts that he doesn’t really ‘need’ feeding during the night anymore and shows that he is capable of sleeping.

Sleeping Through

It took LP 15 months but she got there in the end and has slept amazingly since. Little Man will get there in his own time too. It may have taken 11 months but it’s given me a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yay for sleeping babies!

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  1. It’s such a good feeling to have the babes sleep through! And it’s almost as if they know when you need it the very most. I hope he continues. My guy has been sleeping through most nights, but we also had a fussy night about a week ago. (Growth spurt, maybe?) These boys are seriously too similar!

  2. That first night they go without a feed is such a revelation, isn’t it. At nearly 15 months my little boy’s sleep still varies quite a lot – sometimes he’ll sleep through, sometimes he won’t. At first I got frustrated on the nights that he didn’t (or rather the bleary morning after!) but I realised that there was always a good reason for his sleeplessness. Teething, a stuffy nose, a growth spurt. Sometimes he just needs a few extra cuddles. That realisation, as well as reminding myself that adults sometimes sleep badly too, has made me feel more relaxed about it and given me hope 🙂

  3. Wow I loved reading this as it brought back the memory of my boy sleeping through, it was 1 night at first but now it’s most nights, we too had a trying holiday when he reverted from 2 wakes per night to waking every hour…not fun!Wishing you many more happy sleeps to come xxx

  4. Wooohoo!!! That first sleep through is the weirdest feeling…obviously it’s amazing but it’s all other weird emotions thrown in there too! It’s great that his sleep is improved so much particularly after a really rough patch!

  5. It’s weird when you get a full nights sleep after not expecting it but amazing all at the same time. Ethan never goes through the night but we have had the odd occasion where he has. I’m glad the lack of sleep didn’t ruin your holiday, lets hope you get sleeping through the night all the time very soon.

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