Pregnancy – 33 Weeks Update

I have now been away from work for 2 weeks and feel like I haven’t had a moment to relax – That will come though, but for now I am on a mission!

I really don’t think women ‘nest’ as such in pregnancy, I think they just realise how little time they will have after the Baby comes and how many things they had been putting off doing that will get put off even longer if they don’t do them now, right now, in the last few months/weeks of pregnancy.

For me, I had one huge niggle about our house – the lack of extractor fan in our bathroom. We have a window but it’s right above the bath, where the shower is, so we’d have a shower, open the window and freeze! This meant quite often we didn’t open the window, the ceiling would get damp/mouldy, we’d clean it and half the paint on the ceiling would come off and then the cycle would continue. After 2.5 years of living with it I decided that now, a couple of months before Belly-Baby arrives was the perfect time to fix it! Then I thought, well, if we’re getting an electrician in to install an extractor, why not install some spotlights in the ceiling at the same time and get rid of the dated central ceiling light? So that was our plan. A little mini bathroom makeover which would then mean we’d need plastering done to remove the bathroom ceiling Artex and patch up the holes from the electrician’s work. So I then thought, why not get the Artex removed from the spare room ceiling too and that skimmed at the same time? Then we can paint it ready for LP to move into that room at some point. Oh and at the same time there’s a settlement crack in one wall of the spare room that could be skimmed over… Turned out though that the crack was a bit deeper than we’d realised so the plaster had to be chipped away and then redone from the actual brick.

Over the last 2 weeks we’ve managed to have the electrician sort the bathroom out and the plasterer has been over a few times to sort the spare room and bathroom. Both are now looking lovely – although there is still work to be done!

I have dug my paint brushes out and have spent any free time over the last few days masking taping the spare room and the bathroom and then glossing both and I have to say it is looking lovely! Our next plan of action will be to redo the bathroom sealant tomorrow, put a starting coat of paint on both room ceilings on Friday and then paint the whole of both rooms over the weekend. LP is off to stay with her Nanna for the weekend so that Dave and I get quality time – to decorate! I am really looking forward to it being done now and can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So I am now 33.5 weeks pregnant. By 34 weeks the decorating should be done, by 35 weeks LP’s new room should be set up ready for us to begin a gradual transition over to the new room over the next few months – there’s no need for her to be in her new room until Belly-Baby is in the ‘Baby’ room anytime from October onwards but sorting the room out now means that LP will get used to the room and will hopefully choose to sleep in it of her own accord – fingers crossed!

By this point I will be 5 weeks away from my due date. At this point I can then start washing all the neutral baby clothes we have in the loft from LP, pack my ‘just in case’ hospital bag and then relax. That is the point I am most looking forward to!

I remember when I was pregnant with LP how I wished time would pass quicker, I was so keen for LP to hurry up and arrive, I was so bored, bouncing on my birth ball, doing jigsaws and watching Jeremy Kyle. I remember that time fondly – I really had no idea how little time I would ever have again after having LP. Even the newborn stages where ‘all they do is sleep’ I would constantly have LP either feeding or laying on me asleep and now that LP is a little person with her own personality and walking around getting into everything I have even less time – she is incredibly self sufficient, will occupy herself and play with her toys but she does like for us to be nearby – in the same room – so that she can show us things, chat to us in her cute babble or just come over for cuddles.

I am now definitely not wishing away these last few weeks of pregnancy – I am not longing them to last forever either, but I am happy to just plod along, sorting things and just having each day until Belly-Baby decides to make an appearance. There really is no rush, Belly-Baby will come when it’s ready and I am happy for that to be whenever it likes – there is definitely no boredom here this time around – I really think I ran out of boredom during my last pregnancy!

Pregnancy - 33 Weeks Update
Pregnancy – 33 Weeks Update


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