Little Man’s Christmas Present

Little Man got a very special Christmas present this year, for his very first Christmas. He had toys, books, clothes. So many presents from Santa, friends and family. But his most important gift he gave to himself.

Little Man got the gift of sitting up!

Sitting Up

Little Man has been happily rolling around and grabbing everything within his reach for a few weeks now. He’ll happily roll across the room, in circles and turn himself around. He ends up under furniture all the time, presses the buttons on the DVD player and rolls himself backwards underneath the sofa. He gets absolutely everywhere!

Now though, Little Man has taken things up another level and is happy to sit for a couple of minutes at a time, unsupported. He’s happily been sitting in his highchair for about 6 weeks now but has never been able to sit up without the high chair, bumbo or one of us to support him. Until now. Now, Little Man will sit on the floor, usually between our feet if we’re on the sofa or between our legs when we’re sitting on the floor and he’ll play with his toys for a while until something distracts him, he looks in that direction and loses his balance, flopping in the opposite direction to where he’s looking.

Little Man’s world is now so much bigger and I’m looking forward to him sitting up more often and for longer periods, playing with his toys when sitting and watching his sister play from this whole new perspective.

Such an amazing Christmas present. Little Man can sit!

Sitting Up

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