Pregnancy Update – 37 Weeks

This is a huge milestone. As of tomorrow I am 37 weeks pregnant. This means that baby is ‘term’ as far as the midwives are concerned and I can have another homebirth! Everything for the homebirth got delivered on Thursday and I have been holding my breath since that Baby didn’t make an early appearance.

I remember in my last pregnancy being told that any time after 37 weeks Baby could come and I had focused on the 37 week date throughout the pregnancy. After that point I ate pineapple, curry, bounced on my ball, everything and anything to get the baby to come – But as everyone tells you – Baby will come when it’s ready, and she did – 3 days overdue!

This time round I have been firmly focused on 40 weeks – 26th May – and I am more than happy for Baby to stay put until then. I will not be trying to entice Baby out sooner than that and am even happy to go a few days overdue. As far as I am concerned, the longer Baby stays inside, the bigger and stronger it is getting. LP was born weighing 6lb 4oz and I have been told that this Baby doesn’t feel very big either, the thought of having this Baby early worries me slightly as I would hate for it to come out much smaller than LP.

But we are now on the final straight. Within a month we will be a family of four – a complete family as we won’t be having any more children. Will we have a Baby Girl, a Sister for LP, two girls to play together, share clothes and secrets growing up and to have matching pigtails? Or will we have a Baby Boy? a Brother for LP, ‘one of each’ that everything seems to think is the ideal? One pink and one blue?

I love not knowing whether we’re having a boy or girl, I love that we have names for either sex and this Baby will be one or the other of those names – something that has been predetermined from early in pregnancy and yet we won’t find out until It is here.

I am still enjoying pregnancy. I have now completed everything on my to-do list and honestly have nothing else to put on it. We have decorated, we have bought new sofas, we’ve sorted out the loft and had a mass eBay session. We have done everything that I’d been itching to do and now we can just relax and wait for Baby to arrive. I remember last time being so impatient, batch cooking for the freezer, sorting out Baby clothes, endlessly cooking. I did anything to pass the time. This time I am happy to do nothing to pass the time – to play with LP, spend time with Dave as a family and just let things happen.

I am definitely much more relaxed this time – I wasn’t stressed or anything last time, just so incredibly impatient to meet my Baby. I cannot wait to meet Baby this time but am happy to wait just a couple more weeks, after all, this pregnancy has flown by and I won’t get to experience this again so I will just enjoy it for that little bit longer.

Pregnancy Update - 37 Weeks

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  1. I love that you do not know the gender as well. What a sweet little surprise for the whole family. Hoping all goes smoothly for you in the last few days 🙂


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