Little Man is 8 Months

It seems like only yesterday I was writing Little Man’s 7 month update and it’s already time to write about LM at 8 months. A new year and another month older!


LM has just learnt to sit up – as well as having mastered the art of rolling last month. He’s now moving everywhere and I know it won’t be long before he’s crawling, pulling himself up on everything and maybe even standing by himself. It’s all going far too quickly but we’re enjoying watching him learn all these new things.


Little Man is now consistently eating lunch with us every day although doesn’t often have breakfast and dinner is after he goes to bed. As we’re doing baby led weaning this isn’t an issue at the moment as I’m still breastfeeding on demand. LM eats so much – he’s actually eating now and tries everything we offer him although he has a love of rice cakes and ham.


I’m still getting up every 3 hours at night to feed LM but I know this won’t be forever – eventually Little Man will sleep longer and won’t need me as often during the night – I have high hopes that he may even decide to sleep through the night one day but I’m not in any huge rush for that to happen – the next milestone for me will be when LM cuts down his night feeds to maybe one a night consistently.


Little Man continues to light up our lives – seeing LP hug and kiss him of her own accord makes my heart swell and the way LM looks at his big Sister fills me with pride and love. The sibling bond really is a joy to watch and it’s something I’m looking forward to watching blossom as the months and years go by. I never had a Brother or Sister close in age to me and I’m glad that LP and LM will always have eachother.


This month has also seen Little Man have his first Christmas and his first Christmas dinner. This is something LM won’t remember but something we will remember fondly – Little Man sitting at the table with us, eating potatoes, carrots and turkey – laughing at the rest of us eat. He spent the day passed between Dave, LM’s Grandparents and I, opening presents, reading books and playing. All in all, LM had a lovely first Christmas.


At the moment LM is teething – again – and I know it won’t be long before his next lot of teeth are through. Baby-hood goes by in a flash. 8 months, two thirds of a year. I’m looking forward to Little Man sitting up for longer, playing more, napping longer and sleeping better. I think this month has been one of my favourite ones yet – more fun than hard work and I’m looking forward to enjoying the next months with LM and LP before I’m due back to work in May.


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