Siblings {January 2014}

Throughout my pregnancy with Little Man I wondered what LP would be like as a Big Sister. LP spent my whole pregnancy lifting my top to kiss my belly and blow raspberries on it, whilst saying ‘Bay-beeee’. I don’t think she really understood, and I doubt she remembers that time now but for me it was one of the loveliest parts of my pregnancy.

Circumstances meant that LP was present at her Brother’s birth at home and she has loved him ever since. Adored him even. She was only 20 months when he was born and even then she knew to be careful around him, would put her head against his gently and would say ‘Nuh-Nah’ to him at bedtime.


It’s only now, 8 months into their time together that you can see their love for each other every day – the way not only LP looks at her Brother but the way he looks back at her too – the way he smiles at her when she isn’t even really doing anything and the way that LP now goes and gets Little Man a toy every time he wakes up from a nap.


I’m loving watching their love for one another grow and I’m looking forward to documenting my two children as Siblings every month throughout the year. I wonder what they’ll be getting up to a year from now?


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