Pregnancy Update – 17 Weeks

Well I haven’t blogged for a month – since I announced that we were expecting another LP!

This last month has flown by, everyone now knows about Belly-Baby and I have started planning maternity leave at work. Realistically I’ll be leaving at the end March and taking my annual leave before starting my maternity leave in mid-May, ready for Belly-Baby’s arrival towards the end of May. I am really looking forward to those 2 months with LP, if all goes to plan!

Generally, I am well. But I have awful migraines about once a week with flashing lights, impaired vision and the worst headaches I have ever experienced. My midwife is aware of this and keeps an eye on my blood pressure, and all seems fine so far. Apart from the migraines I am exhausted. Pregnancy was nowhere near as tiring as this the first time around. I am pretty sure that at the moment I am more tired than I ever was when LP was a newborn. Working full time, being pregnant and having a toddler is an incredibly tiring combination.

I heard Belly-baby’s heartbeat for the first time yesterday and have been feeling it move every so often. It is starting to feel very real! I have 13 weeks left of work when I go back after the Xmas break. I may be more tired this time round, but the time is definitely going quicker! The months are zooming by – I’ve already been back at work nearly 3 months, half the time that I’ll be back to work in total. Before I know it I’ll have another brand new bundle of squidgy-ness – and I cannot wait. I’m looking forward to giving birth again, hopefully having another home birth and doing all of this for the last time – LP was special as she was the first of everything. This baby is special as we know it will be our last. We won’t find out whether this is a boy or girl, we didn’t with LP either, and we honestly don’t mind either way. I just cannot wait until our family is complete.

Pregnancy Update - 17 Weeks


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