Next Step… X-Factor!

LP has always taken her time learning new words. Her first word, at a year old, was Dog. But not just for dogs – it progressed to any animal. Cats were dogs, cows were dogs, horses were dogs. Everything was a dog.

Over the last year things have progressed. We have a few sentences – ‘there it is’ being the main one, and LP understands a lot of what we say and will respond to general instructions correctly. She will also say odd words and has just learnt ‘Yes’ and uses it in context after months of only knowing ‘No’!

We’ve always sung songs to LP – I have always sung ‘Good morning, Good morning, what a way to start the day…’ to her when I go and get her in the morning and I always sing random songs to her at bed time or if she wakes during the night – Fly me to the Moon is a firm favourite. On car journeys we sing nursery rhymes to her if she’s getting a bit restless but she doesn’t normally respond – unless it’s to tell us to stop! The only participation we usually get from her is telling us which animals were on Old Macdonald’s Farm!

Yesterday we were in the car for far too long. LP hadn’t had a nap and it was nearly dinner time. We’d been singing nursery rhymes and not really getting anywhere but we thought we’d sing Old Macdonald one last time.

‘Old Mac Donald had a farm…’

and from the back of the car came


This was repeated a few times in her tired toddler voice and we thought nothing more of it when we got home. Until tonight.

LP likes to chat to herself when she goes to sleep. She usually runs through her vocabulary and any new words she’s learnt. Tonight though, all I could hear while putting Little Man to be was ‘eeeeiiiii…..eeeeiiiii…..eeeeeiiiieeeeiiiii…..ooohhhhhh’

Not quite the X-factor just yet but a massive milestone for us. LP can now sing along to nursery rhymes! The next months are going to be full of Old Macdonald, Twinkle Twinkle, Grand Old Duke of York and Humpty Dumpty – and I cannot wait!


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  1. Aww how lovely. Can’t beat children singing. My youngest started singing a song off the CD that is on continuously in the car the other day.

    You wont be able to keep her quiet soon.

  2. I love this, it is always the little things that create the most amazing moments. Ethan also did this for a while but won’t do it now, I hope one day we will get it back.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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