20 Week Pregnancy Update

Well I have reached the half way point! Cannot believe that I am now halfway to meeting Belly-Baby.

I had my 20 week scan yesterday and to our relief everything was fine. Baby even opened its fist to give us a wave, and the kind sonographer even gave us a ‘footprint’ photo for free – as we had to pay £3.50 each for the others. We’ve never had to pay before, but it’s a new charge that our hospital has introduced.

I feel huge at the moment but know that most of the weight/bulk is yet to go on. I feel like I am ‘all bump’ and feel massive in the evenings. I’m not yet finding day to day tasks hard work but know that will come in time. I am still very much enjoying this pregnancy, I love seeing my bump grow, love feeling the baby move and love the prospect of this new addition to our family.

I have been feeling baby move since about 16 weeks and it seems to already have a pattern, moving mostly in the afternoon and again when I get into bed at night. Dave even managed to feel baby move for the first time last week, such a lovely thing that I experience constantly I am incredibly glad he can share in that too.

I now have 11 weeks left at work, and another 8 weeks after that until my due date. I’m 21 weeks on Monday. I cannot believe how fast everything goes the second time around. I feel like I only found out about this baby a couple of weeks ago when in reality it was more like a few months ago!

I have my next midwife appointment in a couple of weeks and will then get my MATB1 so I can make my maternity leave official at work. The time will definitely fly by after that!

20 Week Pregnancy Update
20 Week Pregnancy Update
20 Week Pregnancy Update


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