Little Man’s Time For a New Car Seat

Little Man has been getting steadily bigger and for a couple of months now I haven’t been able to lift Little Man out of the car whilst still in his baby car seat, instead choosing to leave the car seat in the car and just put Little Man in and out. I noticed a few weeks ago that Little Man’s legs were getting long for the seat, his head was getting high up the back of the seat and it was getting very difficult to actually get him into the seat safely. It was time for Little Man to go into his Big Boy car seat.

We’re hoping to get Little Man his very own car seat very soon but for now we have taken LP’s spare seat from Dave’s car for Little Man to use. He loved it from the first moment he sat in it – Loving the new view, being able to see me – or his Daddy – driving and being able to look across at his Sister – Who was just as excited by her Little Brother being in the same seat as her, facing forward and happy.

Little Man's Time For a New Car Seat

Having both children in bigger car seats signifies the end of our baby car seat days. We will never have a rear facing car seat in our car again and will never click a baby car seat into a car or take a baby into the house in a car seat. We will never click a car seat onto the pushchair frame or struggle to get a baby – complete with car seat – out of the gap left by inconsiderate shoppers in far too tight parking spaces.

The end of yet another era. Little Man is in his big seat, a seat that will adapt as he grows and last him until he no longer needs a car seat – Or until we buy him his own one and put the spare back in Dave’s car!

Another milestone for our Little Man, a big car seat for my not so Little Man!

Little Man's Time For a New Car Seat

6 thoughts on “Little Man’s Time For a New Car Seat”

  1. It does feel like such a milestone, doesn’t it? But my Little Man loved his straight away, as he, too, loved sitting like his sister, and they’re now always messing about, pulling faces at each other and giggling back there! Gorgeous photos x

  2. I know I have said this before but he is such a cutie :0) This is such a big milestone and one that I never really thought about before reading your post. I’m so glad he has taken to the change so well and it sounds like they are both enjoying this change.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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