Living Arrows – 11/52

This week’s Living Arrows centres around our new playpen.

Little Man has spent the week pulling himself up and standing as much as possible, not quite cruising yet but standing, bouncing and even standing one handed at times – Showing off!

He’s probably months from walking but so far from the tiny baby he once was, this week he seems so much bigger, more boy than baby. A proper Little Man.

Living Arrows - 11/52

LP has spent most of the week in the playpen, refusing to get out, asking to go in it and enjoying being in it with her Brother. This is something new for LP, something to explore, investigate and widen her imagination. I think this is LP’s first ‘den’, a playhouse, somewhere to claim and somewhere to be. It’s definitely brought out LP’s cheeky side!

Living Arrows - 11/52

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows – 11/52”

  1. So cute as always! I really think we’re going to have to get Toby a playpen soon – I can’t turn my back for two minutes before he’s rolled and wriggled somewhere he shouldn’t be!


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