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Close Caboo Review and Babywearing Experiences

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When I had LP I was clueless about baby wearing. We were given a hand-me-down Tomy carrier that I used a handful of times – Facing me, facing out. She was never in it for very long but I always ended up with backache. It wasn’t particularly comfortable and I wondered why everyone raved about baby wearing. To me it was hard work and not particularly enjoyable. I only used the carrier to save time in sorting the buggy out or in situations where it was better to be handsfree.

Roll forward 18 months and I found myself heavily pregnant with Little Man. I knew that having a good, supportive baby carrier would make life so much easier with a toddler and a baby. It would mean that I wouldn’t always need to use the double buggy and would keep my hands free for dealing with LP.

With the help of Twitter I started researching baby carriers. I found that there were two main types – Soft Structured Carriers or Wraps. The Soft Structured Carriers reminded me a lot of the old carrier we had with LP and I was completely blinkered to them – In my mind they would give me backache and an unpleasant baby wearing experience (This is obviously complete rubbish – a SSC would have been just as good an option as a wrap!) So I decided I wanted a wrap style carrier.

How did we decide on the Close Caboo?

After much discussion on Twitter and looking online, I decided on the Close Caboo cotton blend carrier. It had all the benefits of a lovely stretchy wrap without having to wrap it! When looking at wraps I’d been worried about putting it on wrong, baby falling out, it not being secure enough… I had so many concerns – all of which were because I knew nothing of baby wearing and wasn’t confident in myself to wear Little Man properly.

Having chosen the Close Caboo baby wrap carrier I looked everywhere for an affordable one. I ended up getting one from eBay, new, in the box with instructions for half the RRP. Happy! It arrived and I put it in the back of a cupboard and forgot about it until Little Man was born.

How did we find the Close Caboo?

When LM was about 6 days old and I decided to try and work out the sling and see if he was comfortable in it. With the help of Dave, youtube and the instructions we got LM into the sling and he looked very comfortable! Admittedly it did take about half an hour to get him into it but I knew that this would improve over time.

Close Caboo Babywearing Experiences
Close Caboo babywearing

After that I tried to wear LM as much as possible. Any time I went out in the car with both babies LM would be in the sling and LP in the trolley or stroller. The first few times of standing in a carpark, next to the car, putting LM into the sling were nerve-wracking. I thought I was going to drop him, that I’d forget how to put him in, that it would all go wrong. But it was fine. I used the car windows as a mirror to make sure he was in correctly and only had to start again a couple of times. I can now get him into the sling within a minute or two – it is so easy! The weight of the baby is also distributed across your whole back so even at over a stone in weight, I can hardly feel LM in the sling. He is secure in it, comfortable and spends most of the time asleep!

What is the Close Caboo carrier like?

The Close Caboo is a fantastic multi position baby carrier with so many different carrying positions possible. It’s made from organic cotton and has excellent head and neck support for the baby throughout the duration of carrying them. It supports the baby in a frog legged position making sure the hip position is correct at all times, not putting any pressure on their developing hips. The baby Close carrier was so easy to use with our little one and I felt so comfortable carrying him.

What were our overall thoughts of the Close Caboo?

I love my Close Caboo. It was definitely one of the best investments for us and my only regret is that I didn’t have it with LP! I would recommend the Close Caboo to anyone who is thinking of baby wearing and it’s perfect from newborn onwards. It really is one of the best baby products we bought and I wouldn’t hesitate to get a Caboo baby carrier again in the future.

If you are having a baby, whether your first or a subsequent child, I would definitely recommend looking into baby wearing. There is a carrier to suit everyone and there are sling libraries that can help you choose the right one, hire them out and give you support in learning to use the carriers. This is definitely worth looking into if, like me, you lack the initial confidence to start babywearing.

Close Caboo Review and Babywearing Experiences
Out and about using the Close Caboo


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  1. Totally agree. I didn’t babywear for that long unfortunately but in the first few months it was just the best thing. I had a Close, Moby and an Ellaroo. Anyone reading – a sling would be THE best gift for a first time parent if you wanted to get them something significant. I have kept my slings and have loan them out to expectant/new parent friends as they are just so useful. Great post Donna!

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