Ann Wo Photography – Pregnancy/Newborn Photography

It is coming up to LP’s 2nd Birthday and this marks 2 years since I met Ann Wo, from Ann Wo Photography – a fairly local photographer who specialises in newborn photography.

Review: Ann Wo Photography - Pregnancy/Newborn Photography

Ann came to our house when LP was 13 days old and took some amazing photos of her. Ann generally works at a client’s home or ‘on location’ for Lifestyle shoots. She has a way of putting you at ease, of calming the baby/child and getting amazing pictures and the fact that it’s in your own home adds a touch of familiarity to the photos and you’re able to include props with special meaning – cuddly toys, baby clothes etc.

Review: Ann Wo Photography - Pregnancy/Newborn Photography

Since meeting Ann she has photographed our family regularly and in her photos you can see LP growing up and her true personality comes through. Ann also photographed my pregnancy with Little Man and his newborn photos. I will always be thankful that those precious moments have been captured for us to keep forever. Babies grow so quickly.

Review: Ann Wo Photography - Pregnancy/Newborn Photography

When Ann gives you the photos they are all edited and copyright free. Instead of just a disc of photos, Ann gives a personalised USB flash drive in a presentation box, along with a contact sheet of mini versions of all of the photos. Her professionalism and service can’t be faulted. Unlike a lot of photographers, Ann dedicates quality time to the photoshoots. A newborn shoot can take the whole morning to make sure that the baby is as comfortable as possible and that no-one feels rushed. She also gives you all the photos – you don’t have to ‘pay per print’ or anything and there’s no hard sell to sell you extras. You know exactly what you are paying upfront and the service you are going to receive.

Review: Ann Wo Photography - Pregnancy/Newborn Photography

If you live in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, N/W/S London or surrounding areas and are looking for a photographer then I cannot recommend Ann Wo Photography enough. Even if you’re not ‘looking’ for a photographer you should definitely consider having newborn photos done – it is a time that you will never get back and I am so glad we have those photos to look back at – But remember, newborn shoots should be booked in advance when you’re pregnant and should be before the baby is 2 weeks old – this will get the best results!

Disclosure: This review is impartial – I have not received anything in exchange for this review and Ann isn’t aware that I’m writing it until it’s published I just thought that having used her services for 2 years it would be a good time to post a review.


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