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In my younger years I always just used soap and water on my face and made sure that I took makeup off before bed. I had good skin and didn’t really see the point in doing anything more to my face. But, as I’ve got older I’ve realised that your skin does need, and deserve, a little more fuss than simply soap and water.

Pretty much every year since I turned thirty I’ve promised myself that I’ll start a proper skincare routine, cleansing, toning and moisturising regularly. And each year I fail to actually start using products for more than a few days. So, when Skinstation got in touch I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to actually start looking after my face – and I haven’t looked back.

Who are Skinstation?

Skinstation is an online store where you can browse and buy luxury skincare products at really competitive prices. They’re passionate about improving skin concerns and offer clinically proven skincare systems. Skinstation promise that they can find a skincare regime perfect for each individual and they have over 60 years experience in dermatology and cosmetic medicine, to work with you to achieve your skincare goals.

Starting a Skincare Routine with Skinstation

Skinstation seemed the perfect place for me to get started with a skincare regime and with my pretty normal skin type I was recommended a few products from Obagi to try. Obagi Gentle Cleanser, Obagi Hydrate moisturiser and Obagi Professional-C Serum 15%.

Getting into a Skincare Routine with Skinstation

I started using the products straight away and it was actually lovely to take time out each evening to look after my skin. It’s also inspired me to go to bed earlier as I get in bed as soon as I’m done pampering my face!

Obagi Products from Skinstation

The Gentle Cleanser is really simple to use. After washing your face you just massage a small amount into your skin before rinsing off with warm water and patting your face dry. It really helps to clear pores, removing impurities from your skin and leaving your face feeling really refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s such a nice product to use and it makes you feel instantly boosted.

Getting into a Skincare Routine with Skinstation

Obagi Hydrate is a fantastic daily moisturiser. You can use it every morning and evening, it isn’t at all greasy and really helps skin to feel hydrated whilst combating the signs of ageing. It’s billed as being great for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet so I’m looking forward to seeing those effects after using it for a while. It definitely leaves my skin feeling plump, healthy and hydrated. If your skin feels dry at any point during the day this is perfect to rub in any time – it gives a little instant nourishment whenever you need it.

Getting into a Skincare Routine with Skinstation

Lastly, the Obagi Professional C Serum 15% is a Vitamin C serum that helps to treat signs of premature ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and an uneven complexion. It’s aimed at normal to combination skin and is used each morning on clean skin. You just apply a few drops to the face, neck and chest and massage in with your fingers before putting makeup or sunscreen on.

The serum promotes collagen production and helps skin to be firmer and more resilient as well as lightening and brightening skin. It’s an easy product to use and one that fits seamlessly into a basic skincare routine.

Getting into a Skincare Routine with Skinstation

Skinstation have made it so easy for me to start a new skincare routine and it’s one I can easily keep up with. It takes me just minutes each day to cleanse, moisturise and apply serum which has already made my skin feel so much healthier. I just wish I’d embraced skincare a little sooner – but it really is better late than never!

Make sure you visit Shop Obagi UK over at Skinstation to browse their full range.


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