Reminiscing: LP’s Newborn Photoshoot

Last week I shared some of Little Man’s newborn photos and started a series where I reminisce about days gone by, ones that for whatever reason haven’t yet been captured on the pages of this blog and ones I would like to remember long into the future.

Today I’m looking back at LP’s newborn photoshoot. Photos taken when LP was brand new, when we had been parents for just 13 days and when the whole world of being a parent was still so exhausting but amazing in equal measure. Nearly five years later and it’s safe to say that it’s definitely more amazing than exhausting now.

Reminiscing: LP's Newborn Photoshoot

LP was amazing for the photos and our photographer was fantastic. LP slept the whole time and then fed and slept some more and the one things that strikes me about the photos, looking back, is how perfect LP looks.

Reminiscing: LP's Newborn Photoshoot

Obviously everyone thinks their baby is perfect. Beautiful and the most amazing thing that has ever been created. But LP looks like a china doll. A tiny little person with the most amazing hair. Still, four and a half years later I cannot believe I made something so beautiful.

Reminiscing: LP's Newborn Photoshoot

Even at under two weeks old LP had such strong neck control and eyes that watched us wherever we went. She was our whole world – until her brother came along – and she knew it. She spent the first few months of her life constantly within sight, never further than the other side of the room. She liked it that way and we liked to know she was there – safe in her moses basket or more often than not, curled up on our chest.

Reminiscing: LP's Newborn Photoshoot

Just like her brother, LP looks hardly like the little girl that she has become but looking closely at her baby self, past the telltale ginger hair, I can see the same facial features, the same nose and lips, the same eyes and that same peaceful expression when she sleeps. She’s also still a dot of a child, born to be petite.

Reminiscing: LP's Newborn Photoshoot

Dave and I look so much younger, and we were both heavier back then too – having spent our first pregnancy making the most of the time before babies – with days out, date nights and just so much food. But we also just look so happy. Our first family photo with our daughter who made us parents.


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  1. She was so teeny tiny! And that hair is amazing – I can’t believe she was born with it all. I kind of wish we’d had proper newborn photoshoots done for Toby and Gabe – they always look so gorgeous.

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