Looking Back {The Ordinary Moments}

I was thinking back recently to when I started this blog. It was at a time when Little Man was just about three months old and he woke at 6am every day. I would bring him downstairs, whilst the rest of the house slept, and feed him on the sofa. We’d enjoy the quiet time, the sun just coming up outside and those couple of hours of it just being the two of us.

After his feed Little Man would doze next to me on the sofa – not sleepy enough to go back in his crib but too tired to stay awake. He would sleep on and off for a couple of hours and as LP wasn’t at school yet she always slept until at least 8am so I would spend those hours relaxing, pottering about downstairs and maybe putting some washing on.

Looking Back {The Ordinary Moments}

As the weeks went by, and our routine carried on in the same way, I realised I could be using those hours more productively and so, on an August morning at about 6:30am I registered my new domain name, bought hosting and by the time LP woke up I had started my very first self hosted blog with the aim of taking blogging more seriously.

Now, two and a half years later, both children sleep quite well – occasionally waking at 6:30am but more often than not it will be at least 7am before they stir. It made me think of those times when Little Man and I had those two hours of sleepy pyjama time to ourselves each day. Those days of maternity leave, no school runs and no real urgency at all. The days were slower, we spent much more time in our pyjamas and each day just flowed nicely into the next.

Without those tiny baby days and early mornings I don’t think I would have had the inclination, or time to ever start this blog. But I had two hours every day to fill with a sleeping baby by my side and writing seemed to be the perfect way to fill that time – typing with one hand whilst Little Man slept on my arm.

This is really one of those rambling posts. It’s one of those posts where you just get the thoughts out of your head and I now try and get to the point. Is there a point? Well, I will always look back at those baby days with such happiness. They were some of the hardest but best days and they now seem like such a long time ago. I miss those days but they gave me so much.

Those days cemented us into a family of four, they gave us a little routine and they were part of my last chunk of maternity leave – a time I really appreciated having. And those days gave me my blog.

Sleeping babies and blogging. It’s nice to look back every so often. The time really does go far too fast.

Looking Back {The Ordinary Moments}

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  • Oh those sleepy cuddles of a newborn, how special are they? I first thought about starting a blog when I was on maternity leave with Alice, but I wasn’t brave enough. Oh how I wish I did because on my second maternity leave I finally plucked up courage and I love it. It’s funny what makes you do something that then becomes a big part of your life. X

  • Ahh this is often how I’m blogging, with a baby in one arm and typing with the other, a lot of the time I’m feeding him whilst typing too! I’ve never been an early riser so I will try and stay in bed and keep the kids in bed until the latest possible moment, but I always wish I was because I think those first few hours of the day are probably the most productive. The times when I am forced out of bed at an ungodly hour I always get lots done because I think I’m up so I may as well put it to good use!

  • Aww, tiny LM! I remember reading your blog back when you had those few hours in the mornings , it doesn’t seem that long ago but look how much our kiddos have grown since then 🙂

  • Such a lovely lovely post Donna and it made me emotional, the years pass by so fast. And like you say weird we both wrote about blogging this week. It’s mad to think what would have happened to us both if we hadn’t started blogging- it’s one of the best things I ever did and I bet you feel the same. x

  • And look how far your amazing blog has come! Funny enough I have the same memories of snuggling on the sofa in the morning hours with my first, but I wasn’t nearly so productive, I remember watching a lot of TV!

  • That’s such a gorgeous photo of your little man! I miss those lazy days too – I say ‘lazy’, they probably weren’t but we went at a much slower pace. Why do we not treasure these times when we are in them? Let that be a lesson to us all!

  • I love looking back at sleeping baby pictures, they always look adorable, don’t they?
    I always remember those winter days up at 5am with mine,when it was still dark outside, it wasn’t easy….

  • That’s a lovely ordinary moment! I could never predict the lazy cuddles so precisely! I get moments at random parts of the day. Special cuddles with a baby is my favourite part of being a mum so far! My 9 month old is becoming less cuddly!