Reminiscing: A Solo Photoshoot

Have you ever done a photoshoot? The ones by yourself, where you get the experience – with hair and make up – really cheap or as a gift and then you have to pay an extortionate amount for the photos? Well, I did one of those photoshoots before I had children, a couple of years before I think.

Reminiscing: A Solo Photoshoot

I had my hair and makeup done and absolutely loved it – I felt amazing but the makeup was caked on and my hair was covered in hair spray. It wasn’t exactly natural but it was great for the photos.

I had a few outfits, ones I felt good in. I was shown between different rooms with a photographer and had time for outfit changes in between. To be honest, I felt so uncomfortable posing for these photos, it was so not me at all. But I did it, and looking back I am so glad that I did.

Reminiscing: A Solo Photoshoot

Looking at these photos now – seven or eight years after they were taken – I am heavier than I have been in a long time. But I look so happy – and I love how I look in the photos – I look good.

Reminiscing: A Solo Photoshoot

Now, I could never pay the amount I did for these photos. They weren’t something I did all the time. They were a one off, a life experience and something I am so glad I spent the money to do.

Reminiscing: A Solo Photoshoot

At the end of the photoshoot I put on my favourite red dress and relaxed on the nicest couch. They took the last photos of me and then we went and looked through all the images in a little lounge area.

Reminiscing: A Solo Photoshoot

They had made a few images into arty pieces and one of them was of me in that red dress, sitting on the sofa with the addition of fairy wings. It’s a photo that I loved – so fun and just a lovely photo of me. It’s a photo I framed and had on the wall – but one that has now been put in the loft, along with so many other frames and canvases that no longer have a place on the walls.

Reminiscing: A Solo Photoshoot

These photos have captured me before children. Young, happy and with so much to look forward to. I have so many photo since having kids – that all capture an amazing happiness and a young family full of dreams. But it’s nice to have photos of the time before, photos that capture so much – the years before children came along.

LReminiscing: A Solo Photoshoot

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  • I love this post – you really do look so happy and relaxed and the one where they’ve added wings is awesome! I think that one needs to come out of the loft and go back on the wall 🙂 x x

  • You do look fabulous. I’ve never done this, I don’t like having my photo taken. Mainly because I look a Wally in front of the camera. They are certainly great photos to look back at.

  • Love this! I did one of this shoots when I was about 19 (I look a bit different in those pics) I then did another one with a friend when my kids were really little (I won a competition). Our sales man got all shirty when my friend and I only bought two images each and stuck to our guns. He was adamant the images were deleted once he hit the ‘x’. I actually complained as he was so rude but heard nothing back unsurprisingly. Anyway a couple of months later I get a phonecall – this company was changing their computer systems and would I like all my photos on disk for £100. Excuse me but I thought our images were deleted!? I also explained how we were treated and they spoke to their manager and I got all our photos (and there was a lot) for £60!!! I’ve subsequently had a shoot with my daughter as a Mother’s Day pressie last year – it was so sweet!
    Great post – got me reminiscing too! Love it – your photos are beautiful! ????Xxx

  • Aww I love all of these. You look amazing. You’re so beautiful Donna. I’m glad you had these done xxx

  • You do look really happy here. I’ve done one in the past as well, probably about 13-14 years ago in London. When they were all doing your ‘you’ve won a photoshoot’ and then get stung with the prices offers. I agree it was worth doing though – I think I chose 3 photos so didn’t go mad, but they were really great. I don’t know where the 3rd photo went though – should really find them and scan them in.

    The make up was scary though – i’ve worn stage make up in the past and this was worse. I went off afterwards during a break to meet a friend and totally forgot I had it on until I went back again afterwards to check out the photos. Wonder what everyone seeing me thought!