Back to the School Run {The Ordinary Moments}

The last week has really seen us getting back into our typical routine. We’ve had school runs, Dave’s shifts, blog work and all the other stuff that comes with being both a parent and a blogger. It’s been a busy week but one that I am glad is over – it has been tough on all of us.

Getting up in the morning is hard. Getting the children up in the morning is hard. But we just plough on and somehow everyone gets to school, I breathe a sigh of relief and watch the time pass so quickly before it’s time to pick them up again.

Mornings are hard for all of us but we are trying to do little things each morning that make us all happy, trying to start the day off the right way. LP loves scooting to school – unless she’s that tired that it’s just too much for her. So we’ve been walking to school as much as possible, with her scooting in front, singing to herself and telling me that she’s gone up a level every time she passes a lamp post – no idea what that’s about.

Back to the School Run {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man is happy as long as he can take a toy everywhere with him – usually a train from his Thomas collection. He’ll usually get ready easily, happily, eat breakfast nicely and get in the pushchair without any trouble. He is definitely the best ‘morning person’ out of all of us.

But then, as much as I love dropping them off, and love that time to do jobs, potter around town running errands or sit myself in a coffee shop to work, I love picking them up again. They are always happy to see me – even if they are tired – and I love walking home from school, talking about their day and just being with them. It’s always nice when we’re together again, no matter how tough the morning had been.

Back to the School Run {The Ordinary Moments}

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week, I really enjoyed reading your posts and will pop over and read them all again this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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  • We’re not one for mornings here either! Luckily Daisy goes to preschool in the afternoons – not sure how I’m going to cope with the morning school run in a few years! It’s nice that you make the effort to walk to school so Athena can enjoy scooting up levels! x

  • I’d love to be able to walk to school with my two but it’s 13km to theirs so it’s all bundling into the car at 7am. I do hate the school run (it’s like dicing with death on the roads here and takes over an hour which considering the distance is ridiculous) but you can guarantee the little one will be singing along to his favourite songs on the radio and I might even catch the moody teen singing too, so they do at least bring a little bit of joy to an otherwise awful part of the morning. Gotta love being back in a routine again though and at least they’re happier when I pick them up in the afternoons – the little one because he’s had so much fun and the moody teen as school’s over for the day!

  • I walk with my to school when I get a day off, even though my oldest is now 10 he still likes me to go with them. I am happy to for as longs as he is. Looks like you have a lot of fun on your walks. It’s nice to chat and just be together x

  • Love that helmet! Walking to school sounds lovely talking about your day. With a nearly 2 year old I am still at the stage were getting anywhere takes forever x

  • I wish we could walk to school, it would save my daily road rage 😉 I get a bit sweary in the car. Just 6 more months of driving to two schools though at least that will more than half our school run times and they can walk home together sometimes 🙂

    Stevie x

  • I love the morning pre-school run. I’d love to say it’s one of my favourite times of the day but you know what Olly’s been like recently. I love picking him up on a Friday too, would love to do it more often.

    Love how A scoots to school, life is too short to be unhappy! Go T, good to hear he’s a morning person. He’s got a beautiful smile 🙂

    Have a good week x

  • Ah bless, this is lovely. I also enjoy the school run, it’s a lovely time to chat to them although we have to drive as we live so far from school. I love the photo of her in that massive helmet, how adorable.

  • Lovely photo – we love the scooter rides to school – although we have to drive and then get them out! The school runs are my favourite bits of the day – I really miss them in the holidays, as it is nice to be in a routine, and so lovely see them again when you pick them up xx

  • We are not a morning family here either. I loathe school mornings, the faff of getting ready. Honestly, CC is a big ball of energy at every other time other than a school morning. I don’t think it helps that we drive, when it’s almost just as quick to walk! I miss being able to walk sometimes. LP suddenly looks quite grown up now!

  • Oh Man school is such a bitter sweet thing Donna. I think daily how I can’t wait to get them off to school because yes the mornings are so hard and exhausting, and then I miss them and the routines we had before school was a part of our lives. My kids love to scoot too – she looks fab on her scooter, love it ! x