Nursery Rhymes {The Ordinary Moments}

LP and Little Man have a new found obsession and I’m not really sure where it came from. But, when Little Man started preschool he started to learn nursery rhymes too, singing them as a group before coming home each day.

Neither LP or Little Man had really shown an interest in nursery thymes before but when Little Man started singing the familiar tunes in the car on the way home, whilst he was playing or randomly during dinner it made us all smile and LP would often join in, finding a new love of nursery rhymes herself too.

Nursery Rhymes {The Ordinary Moments}

Then one evening, after the bath, whilst we were having ‘dry off cuddles’, I turned YouTube on and did something that blew the children’s minds. I played animated nursery rhymes for them to watch.

Since then the children have been obsessed with these nursery rhymes, not taking their eyes from the screen and being completely engrossed in the characters in front of them. They don’t even sing along, just stare at the screen in awe.

Nursery Rhymes are now a fixture in our lives although Dave and I can’t watch it often – it’s something only children can love! But, the children love it and so we’ll persevere with nursery rhyme sessions before bed and on lazy PJ days as long as the children find it so entertaining.

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