Spoon Reflections {The Ordinary Moments}

There are some things as an adult that you take completely for granted. Things that you learnt as a child and that were just normal from that point onwards. For Dave and I, reflections in spoons was just one of those things.

At a recent meal out Dave showed LP her reflection in a spoon. Her face at that point was amazing. To her it was so much more than just a reflection and her whole face lit up at the sight of herself in that spoon.

Spoon Reflections {The Ordinary Moments}

She was intrigued by the fact that on one side of the spoon she appeared upside down and on the other side she was up the right way. The whole meal was spent eating, then laughing at her reflection, eating and laughing some more.

Soon Little Man started looking at his reflection too. He just kept saying ‘Me. Meeeee. It’s ME!!’ and loved the upside down reflection. Him and LP kept saying they were standing on their head or falling down. The excitement that two little spoons can give two children is just amazing. They were so, so happy – and it’s a moment I want to hold on to forever. If you haven’t shown your child their reflection in a spoon – do it today.

Spoon Reflections {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. This is so cute Donna, their faces are a picture. Our girls still use plastic spoons most of the time, not for any particular reason, just because thats what we have in the cupboard but I might have to see if they have ever seen their face in them before. Thanks for joining in the ordinary moments every week, yours make me think about my own life and girls a lot, so thank you for that. x

  2. Those moments where they learn something you take for granted are amazing, aren’t they? I love it when D discovers something I’ve known forever. The wonder he experiences is amazing to behold.

  3. You know I don’t think mine have come across this either – like Katie said, they tend to use plastic spoons for the most part! I’m going to have to show them this week.

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