Reading {The Ordinary Moments}

LP loves to read. I am sure I have written about this so many times before but every time she bounds out of school and tells me she has gone up another reading level I am just so proud. I loved reading as a child and I really think it helped me to learn, grew my imagination and gave me so many new worlds to explore – I am so proud that LP has inherited this love of reading too.

Reading {The Ordinary Moments}

LP reads all the time. She’ll pick up books at home and read them and is always reading with her lamp on in her room before she goes to sleep at night. But, she also reads street signs when we’re out, the names of shops and adverts on billboards and in shop windows. She soaks up writing like nothing else and will read everything she sets her eyes on.

I always worried that, because LP is a summer baby, she will always be working so hard to keep up with her peers, to learn things and to just get to the point where are friends are. But, I have nothing to worry about where reading is concerned. For LP, reading is one of the most fun things in her life. She enjoys it so, so much and she’s good at it. I know it won’t be long before she’s reading those books that are mainly writing, with a few black and white pictures in. So for now I am holding onto the picture books, the simple stories that LP loves and can read to herself – and to us. Those picture books are a sign of childhood and one that I want LP to hold onto for as long as possible, until she knows the words inside out and can read them with her eyes closed – but I know that won’t be long at all.

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  1. It’s so lovely to see children reading and to actually love it! I love to read and Alice is showing all the signs of following me. She too wants to read with us and it won’t be long until she is reading all by herself x

  2. I love seeing children enjoying books. I always loved to read and I’m so pleased my 2 year old loves books too. As much as the iPad can grab his attention, he enjoys nothing more than a story from an actual book. Long may it continue x

  3. I totally relate to this as Aaron was born in June, so started school September 2014 only 4 years and 2.5 months. Some people say it holds them back to be young in their year but he has always been well ahead with his reading levels too so I have no concerns. In fact his reading gives me a great sense of pride and joy x

  4. I’ve only just read this but today I went to the bookshop and purchased a book for J to help her learn to read. We used to be so good at it but slowed for some reason and that’s something I want to change, especially with school coming up. It’s lovely to see children taking such an interest in books and she looks engrossed here x

  5. I had a book clear out at the weekend, I couldn’t bring myself to add Rod Campbell’s ‘It’s mine’ to the box. Some picture books just hold too many wonderful memories, if not many words.
    I’m an August baby and love books. Unlike my January and March babies. It’s definitely a love to be nurtured. x

  6. Both my boys love to read and the other night I went in and caught my oldest reading his kindle with a torch under his bed covers. How could I be mad? I secretly high fived myself. It’s lovely to see them read and I think as a parent it’s a fantastic gift to give them and to keep giving. I still read with all three of mine at bedtime. Beautiful photos and wonderful memories xx

  7. Reading is such an adventure, and its lovely that she has developed such a love for it. Getting lost in books is such a wonderful thing for kids to do. I hope my kids reading goes from strength to strength too x #ordinarymoments

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