Growing Up {The Ordinary Moments}

The children are growing up. Obviously, they get bigger each day and as the weeks go by they learn more and they go from being babies, to toddlers and before long they are proper little people, asking questions, understanding things and showing an incredible range of emotions.

Little Man is off to preschool very soon, his first real experience of childcare, and now, with just a few weeks to go, I am seeing how much he has grown and just how fast he is growing up.

It seems like yesterday Little Man was in nappies, only pronouncing a handful of words and clinging to us in new situations. But over these first weeks of summer he has grown so much. Being out of nappies has made him seem so big anyway, but now it’s possible to have full conversations with him and he’s able to manage his emotions so much better – except when he’s tired and then he reverts back to crying that his sandwich is cut in the wrong direction!

But he’ll be starting swimming lessons in a few weeks, and he has so much more confidence than he had even a couple of months ago – happy to make new friends, try new things and show how brave he can be.

Little Man turned three a few short months ago and it really feels like time has suddenly been put on fast forward. His baby days seemed to last forever at the time, each day merging into the next but since he starts to walk, started to talk and started getting so independent life has moved so fast.

He is definitely growing up faster than I imagined and I am so proud of the Little Man he now is. He’s happy, funny and sociable. He’s polite, well behaved and the best company you could ask for. Looking back at the last few years I’m not sad that the baby days are behind us – I am excited for all that is yet to come.

Growing Up {The Ordinary Moments}

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  • Where have our babies gone? It’s crazy isn’t it. My girls are starting pre school in September too and all their baby traits are long gone. I’m excited for them though as I know they’re going to absolutely love it

  • I swear turning three makes such a huge difference. LB was 3 at the end of January and this year I’ve seen big jumps up in his language and abilities every few weeks! It’s crazy but wonderful and preschool has been the making of him X

  • I feel the same, so many people are sad to say goodbye to the baby days but I think the rest of their childhood is so much more exciting. It sounds like he’s doing amazingly well and becoming really grown up, you must be very proud of him.

  • This is a lovely post. I remember feeling like this when H was heading to play-school. As soon as he hit 3 it seemed to have sped up twice as fast, I now have a 5 year old and I really don’t know where the time has gone! Popping over from #Ordinarymoments

  • Such a lovely post Donna and no wonder you are so proud of what a gorgeous little boy he is becoming. I can’t believe how fast they are all growing up. I do know what you mean, the baby stage is amazing but it is also lovely to see the people they are becoming as well isn’t it? x

  • I can’t believe how quickly LM is growing up! For me, the nursery/school holidays have always been a time when I’ve noticed Cheeky Chap growing up, particularly over the summer. I think because you spend that bit more time with your child, when the day-to-day stuff isn’t getting in the way. It’s lovely but also makes me sad! What a lovely photo there too.

  • Ah I love this post Donna, and so true in that we should be excited for all that is yet to come. My mum always tells me to cherish each stage and not wish it away. My biggest baby has just turned 14 so I know how quick time goes. I am sure Little Man will flourish in preschool and swimming lessons x