Little Man – Happy Third Birthday

Dear Little Man

I have written to you and your sister every year since you were born and it’s now something I really look forward to, reading the last letter I wrote to you and taking time to appreciate how much you have grown, how far you have come and what an incredible little person you are turning into.

Little Man - Happy Third Birthday

Each year goes by in a blur and each one goes that bit quicker. When I wrote to you a year ago you were a fearless toddler, saying a few words and running about with that little toddler run. Now you move with ease. You are still fearless but you get so shy and nervous around new people and take a while to ease into new situations. You are so much more aware of the world and what is going on around you but you are so emotional at the same time.

Little Man - Happy Third Birthday

Your speech is so easy to understand now. You know most words and have conversations with us easily. Many words are still pronounced in that baby way, slightly mispronounced or said lazily but as a whole we understand what you are saying and you understand us all the time too. It’s amazing to be able to talk to you, get to know you and have proper conversations with you. You are a joy to talk to.

Little Man - Happy Third Birthday

You are a cheeky little thing. You say no and laugh all the time, you push us constantly and want your own way all the time but you have the sweetest face and you make us laugh – making you so easy for us to forgive and often making us let you have your own way too. We are complete pushovers where you are concerned.

Little Man - Happy Third Birthday

You have size eight feet – the same as your sister – and you are about 95cm tall, only a few centimetres shorter than your sister. You and her are often mistaken for twins and, if I’m honest, you are like her shadow. You adore your sister and, if she were to admit it, she feels exactly the same. You are so close and I hope that closeness, that bond, will just continue to grow. You are only 20 months younger than her and that gap is getting less and less noticeable as each year passes.

Little Man - Happy Third Birthday

This year has been amazing Little Man. We have loved having you at home whilst LP has been at school, having one on one time with you that we hadn’t had before and really getting to know you. You love Thomas the Tank more than anything else but you will play happily with so many toys and are a whizz already on your tablet – playing games easily from the first time you see them. You are definitely a child of our times.

Little Man - Happy Third Birthday

You have a great appetite when it comes to food – and sweetcorn is a firm love. You have also discovered ‘red dippy’ this year and love the treat of chips and dippy sauce. You still love pasta and eat fruit like it’s going out of fashion as well as still loving to drink milk morning, noon and night.

Little Man - Happy Third Birthday

We have been on so many adventures this year Little Man. We have been on holidays, days out and had so much family time. You are so brave, so big and so cute. You are still very much my baby but I know you really aren’t a baby any more at all.

Little Man - Happy Third Birthday

Soon you will be potty trained, you’ll be going on a plane for the first time and you’ll then be off to preschool. I am enjoying the last few months of having you at home – going to Legoland regularly and having endless hours at soft play. I am appreciating this time of it being just us and I know that before we know it September will be here.

Little Man - Happy Third Birthday

Little Man, today is your Birthday. Three years ago you came into the world so quickly and we had a few days in hospital, just you and I, getting to know each other. It feels like yesterday. I can’t quite believe you are three already but it has been a joy to watch you grow. You are an incredible little boy who continues to light up the life of everyone you meet. Keep being the same wonderful, happy little thing – please, never change.

Happy Birthday Little Man


Mummy and Daddy x

Little Man - Happy Third Birthday

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  1. Oh my gosh – what a beautiful post. I think there’s something in my eye. You’re raising an absolute star, Donna. He’s so handsome.

    I’ve loved following your adventures, little man. Here’s to many more. Happy Birthday, little man. I hope you’ve had a wonderful time.

  2. Too beautiful Donna. I remember those first few years with my little guy so clearly, we had so much fun. Mostly though I just remember having full conversations with him and thinking he knew what I was talking about, turns out he was just being polite! Enjoy it! x

  3. Oh the tears! This is just beautiful 🙂 he’s so adorable and such a little character – and his EYELASHES! x x

  4. Ah this is lovely. Happy Birthday Little Man! My little boy turns three in just a couple of weeks too and I can’t believe it. So many similarities especially the love for Thomas the Tank Engine. Lovely that you get to spend so much precious time with him. Beautiful letter. Polly x

  5. Happy birthday to your little boy! What a lovely thing to do. My little girl will be three this summer so I can relate to a lot of this (and she also has size eight feet!! She is tall!). Hope he had a great day xxx

  6. Happy birthday Little Man. Hope he had a lovely day, and that ‘s a lovely post to celebrate him turning 3. (I’m loving that bath photo – gorgeous)

  7. What a lovely post. He is so cute. I’m sorry we weren’t able to see you on Tuesday but I hope we get to meet you all at LEGOLAND soon. I don’t know why my phone keeps shouting LEGOLAND.

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