Before we were even thought of {The Ordinary Moments}

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Before we were even thought of {The Ordinary Moments}

It seems like such a long time ago that Dave and I were child-free, when there wasn’t a LP or Little Man in our lives. Those years now are a blur, a distant memory overshadowed by two amazing little people and a very full family life.

But, every so often we’ll be talking to the children and something will be said about a time before they were here, when it was just their Mummy and Daddy, the cats and our old house that they didn’t ever see.

Our conversation will be about our wedding, our honeymoon or one of the city breaks we had before the children came into our lives and the children will always ponder this information, a whole life, years ago, without them in it. And LP will often say “Was that before we were even thought of, Mummy?”

It’s turned into a phrase that is said rarely, as in all honesty there is more to talk about in life since they were born than the life before them. But, when those conversations come up LP’s phrase sums them up perfectly.

Back then the children weren’t even thought of. They were a wish, a dream and something we really, really hoped would happen in the future. But it wasn’t the hope of an LP or Little Man – just a baby or two, ones that didn’t have personalities or specific features just that ideal of creating something together – a baby, and becoming a family.

Back then the children weren’t even thought of because we had no idea that one day we could be parents to two such incredible children. We had no idea that our DNA could mix to make two perfect little things with their own hopes, their own dreams and their own loves in life. We hadn’t even thought of them because we had no idea something so incredible was even possible.

Back then we were in a young love stage, a newly wed stage where you didn’t really think past having a baby. The future seemed like such a long way away – just like school uniforms, two way conversations and taking the harnesses out of the car seats. And now that those things are a reality for us, now that we are living that future we never thought too much about it’s so strange to think back to a time when the children weren’t in our life, a time before the children, a time when they really weren’t even thought of.

Before we were even thought of {The Ordinary Moments}
The Ordinary Moments

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4 thoughts on “Before we were even thought of {The Ordinary Moments}”

  1. Alice is fascinated about our wedding day, my dress, the shoes, the tiara and talks about it a lot. We look through our wedding photos a lot. I think its because she thinks I look like a princess (I don’t) and she loves that idea. But she will always say, but it was before I was here mummy and Holly will look at the photos asking to see Holly 🙂 And I will look at them thinking don’t we look young, full of holes and dreams, never thinking my dream would come true. But it did! X

  2. Aww that is such a lovely phrase. I know my kids get upset and annoyed when we talk about the times before we had them. Then don’t even get started on when we were kids. I just wish we had more photos. That is so cute x


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