The Hill {The Ordinary Moments}

As a family we have always walked into town, the same route, down residential streets, from when the children were babies and I’d wander there each day to get out of the house, go to the post office, the library or anywhere else we needed to go. But from there I remember LP being a toddler and wanting to be out of the pushchair, walking along holding my hand whilst I pushed the pushchair along with the other. But on these walks she would see something, something she loved instantly – a hill next to the pavement, between the road and a little row of houses. Even back then she would climb the hill and stand on the top, as happy as can be.

The Hill {The Ordinary Moments}

Before long Little Man was here and we’d moved across to a pushchair and a buggy board, with LP hopping off every time we walked past that hill. She would do it on the way into town, the way home and before long on the way home from school too. Climbing the hill and standing on the top was always a special treat, something she looked forward to and something that made her just so happy.

Then LP started to scoot to school and would scoot ahead, hopping off the scooter and climbing the hill to wait for us to catch up. It’s turned into her favourite place on any walk and is such a part of her childhood – I know she’ll always remember that huge hill she climbed up each day – even when she’s an adult and she realises the hill wasn’t very big at all.

But now, Little Man will walk or scoot to school. His pushchair isn’t used very often and he gets to throw his scooter aside and run up the hill too, beaming from the top. We walked home from town the other day and both LP and Little Man stood on the hill, together for probably the first time. They couldn’t have been happier and it made me realise that the hill LP has grown to love since she was tiny is now somewhere that they both love – and I can imagine them standing on the top for years to come, every time we walk to school and back.

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  1. Thats really lovely Donna. I love childhood memories like this. You are going to have photos of them stood on there for years to come and it will be lovely to look back on. I can see you now on their 18th birthday making them go and stand on the hill for a photo x

  2. It’s so nice to have this little tradition together, and that passing this hill in the future will evoke such nostalgia for her. I have places like that which I remember fondly from my childhood, like a little spot we used to walk past when collecting my brother from school, so insignificant but a memory all the same!

  3. I love how kids notice the most random of things and treasure them. They quickly become little traditions and its so cute. This is so lovely and its great they have something that’s just them… x #ordinarymoments

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