No More Photos Mummy {The Ordinary Moments}

This is such a regular moment in our lives now and one I completely understand but hope passes quickly. LP doesn’t like having her photo taken and tells me not to take photos every time I take the lens cap off my camera.

No More Photos Mummy {The Ordinary Moments}

Her face says it all in this photos – what are you doing Mummy?! No more photos Mummy! I don’t want my photo take Mummy! I am telling myself, like everything else, that this is just a phase. She’ll outgrow it and she’ll love having her picture taken again at some point but the reality is I’m not sure. As the children of a blogger LP and Little Man have had more than their fair share of photos taken of them. I know that if I didn’t blog I would still take photos but not the same amount – there would be photos on days out but there wouldn’t be review photos every week.

Has LP just had enough or is it a passing phase? Whatever it is, at the moment, she doesn’t like having her photo taken and we’ll just roll with it and see what happens.

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  1. We haven’t got to that stage yet, we’re at the why stage but I can understand how frustrating it is as the parent. I remember going to the extreme and hiding behind sofas to avoid having my photo taken when younger, I hope normality resumes for you x

  2. Aw bless her! Toby just tends to either run away or comes to try and grab the camera! You’ll just have to take un-posed photos for a while and hope it’s just a phase!

  3. I’ve generally always taken lots of photos on days out, but it seems it hasn’t gone unnoticed that recently since I started my blog that I am taking considerably more… and more of everything, not just on days out – its usually met with..’ ohh.. more photo’s’ sort of response. Made me a bit more aware – am I taking photo’s because I really want to preserve the moment, or am I more pre-occupied with just populating my blog .. certainly made me think. Thankfully, my girls are more than happy to pose at a moments notice! Your little girl is such a cutie, fingers crossed the love of posing will return soon. #ordinarymoments

  4. My big two are quite well trained that nice photos are the way to say thank you to the lady 😉 They know that the quicker they get the right photo the quicker I’ll leave them alone lol.
    I’ve always been obsessed with taking photos though x

  5. Aaw bless her! To be honest if she’s not keen on having her photo taken, maybe take a break for a little while, or just take more candid ones where she doesn’t actually really know they’re being taken? Sasha loves being snapped, but Freddie isn’t always so keen and that’s fine, I still manage to get plenty of the two of them! One of my brothers hated having his picture taken, so my Mum doesn’t have many, and the ones she does have of him as a child make him look quite awkward. He’s fine now though! x

  6. My middle one absolutely hated having her photo taken for a good couple of years. To the extent that we had no nursery photos, no christmas photos and we had to get four different attempts at even a passport photo! She has mostly grown out of that now – phew! I’m sure it will be a phase with you too! x

  7. Arlo went through a HUGE phase of this, and so I had to step back from taking photos of him. It probably started about a year and a half ago. Recently he hasn’t minded so much, so I think maybe I overdid it at one point!? Haha. I also find he’s much more receptive when I let him pose for the photo on his own terms, come up with his own ideas for the shot, or turn it into a game (when you here the shutter click you can run / who can jump the highest / etc are usually quite successful at getting nice expressions rather than “NO PHOTOS”. The last thing I now do, which I think has helped, is make sure taking photos never becomes a chore – if I don’t get the shot I imagined, we move on, rather than making them repeat the shot and drawing it out longer than it needs to be. Since Arlo’s realised photos just take a second (and make Mama happy), he’s much more open to the camera.

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