Trolley Time for Two {The Ordinary Moments}

I always used to enjoy going food shopping with LP. It was time for her and I to have a wander, have a chat and sing songs as we were going up and down the aisles with her in her trolley. We’d play row the boat as I pushed her round and we’d sing Old Macdonald. She’d say bye to each aisle as we turned to go into the next one and she’d say hello to the next aisle. I really used to love those times.

Since having Little Man, either all four of us will go food shopping together or I will take both children, LP in the trolley and Little Man in the sling. I realised today though that with the weather getting worse, colder and wetter, it will be harder to put LM in the sling over the top of jumpers and coats. I thought that it was about the right time to put LM in the trolley ‘baby’ seat while LP could sit next to him in the normal trolley seat.

LP, at first, didn’t like to share her trolley seat, it was smaller with the baby seat there too and she wasn’t the centre of attention. After a small bit of toddler bribery involving cheesey biscuits, LP was sat in the trolley with LM snug in his baby seat on a blanket and hugging another one.

Trolley Time for Two {The Ordinary Moments}

It was actually lovely having them both in the trolley, Little Man went to sleep almost immediately and LP put her hand protectively on him while he was nodding off. She then kept looking at him, checking on him and leaning her head against him as we weaved our way around the supermarket.

Trolley Time for Two {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man slept for nearly the whole shopping trip, only waking up just before we came to pay. It was one of the nicest, stress free shopping trips that we’ve had so far and it gives me hope that shopping trips in the future should be just as stress free.

Fingers crossed shopping can be a nice experience!


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  1. Awww, that’s a very cute ordinary moment. I can still remember the first time I took my two round the supermarket in the double trolley for the first time, I just felt so proud of my little family. And now they sit side by side in the normal double trolleys and chat and giggle the whole time, it’s hilarious. x

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