No More Nappies {The Ordinary Moments}

Katie‘s away on holiday this week and so I’m hosting Ordinary Moments to let her make the most of the break. If you’d like to link up you can do so at the bottom of the page.

A couple of months ago Little Man stopped wearing nappies during the day. He did amazingly at potty training and after a couple of accidents in the first couple of days he hasn’t had an accident since. He loved wearing his new big boy pants, choosing which ones to wear each day – Thomas or dinosaurs – and he loved his new found independence.

But we realised soon after potty training that he wasn’t just dry in the day but dry in the night too. Although he was wearing pull ups each night they were dry in the morning and so, when we got to the end of the pack we stopped using them – and Little Man has been dry ever since.

His sister still wears pull ups to bed but for Little Man something just clicked. He went from wearing nappies full time to not wearing them at all in a matter of weeks – rather than months – and now, for him, there are no more nappies.

This is amazing for us, with our first holiday abroad (maybe) coming up, but more than that I am just so proud of him. He turned three at the start of May and he already seems so grown up and so ready for preschool in September. I look at him so often and wonder where that tiny baby went, who is this little independent boy in front of me? It’s a joy to watch him grow, watch him master new things and watch him blossom into such a confident young man.

No More Nappies {The Ordinary Moments}

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  • Well done him!! That must be an amazing feeling to be completely done with nappies – and a much lighter load when you go out and about!!

  • That’s amazing well done, especially with the holiday coming up that will be very handy for you. Amelia just decided one day too that she didn’t want to wear nappies and was dry that night too and has been ever since. I’ve got all the fun of potty training coming up with Harry in the next year. xx

  • Wow what a little superstar! It is amazing he picked it up so quickly and also as you mention both a reminder that our kids do things in their own way and time. Yes an ordinary moment of parenting life, but a blooming huge milestone that deffs brings relief haha x

  • Woo hoo well done! My son just clicked like that and was dry at night before the daytime! My daughter is nearly there at night but not fully! Like you say it is a total bonus not having to pack nappies for a holiday. xx

  • Well done – my youngest started using the toilet at Christmas and its so nice not to have to change nappies any more. Such a big milestone for them!

  • YAY welldone little man. We were lucky that it just clicked with daughter too but had read that there is often a window of opportunity within 4 weeks of day nappies being dropped so maybe we were lucky to hit that?