Potty Training {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man has just turned three and it’s only now that we have really thought about potty training. LP was potty trained just after she was two – having a small baby and a toddler both in nappies was too much and so we potty trained as soon as possible but until now Little Man has shown no interest in potty training at all. So we left it until he was ready.

Over the last week or so he has amazed us all by going from wearing nappies solidly to being pretty much dry during the day, with only the occasional accident.

Potty training the second time around is definitely not as daunting, you know what to expect. But, having an older child whilst potty training a younger one definitely keeps you on your toes – there are school runs, swimming lessons and so much else to think about whilst trying to minimise accidents and give Little Man his independence.

So the last week has been fun but Little Man now knows when he needs the toilet, tells us he needs to go and goes without any complaints. He is definitely a big boy now.

But the one downside to potty training is clothes that used to fit him perfectly, around his nappy, are now too big with most of his trousers falling down. Seeing him pants instead of nappies is still so alien but I know before long it will seem strange that he was ever in nappies.

This is a bittersweet moment. One of many that come along as the children grow. Little Man has just turned three and I have to admit that he isn’t really a baby anymore at all. Having both the children out of nappies during the day just reinforces what I already know – that they are really growing up and before I know it the baby days will be a distant memory.

Potty training. One more milestone that takes the children that bit further away from being babies and that one step closer to being independent.

Potty Training {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. It is bittersweet – desperate to get rid of the nappies but not ready to admit your baby is no longer a baby. I dreaded potty training after hearing so many horror stories but it was actually not too painful – however there was a phase were I felt like we spent most days in a toilet somewhere!

  2. Oh bless him he sounds like he is doing so well Donna. We have a similar situation here, Mads was 25 months when she was dry but LL is 38 months and still in nappies. She is getting better, she will have the odd wee on the potty, but it’s a really slow process here. Still we don’t want to rush her too much. x

  3. Well done. He has it nailed. We are week 5 now but toilet is not an option yet. He’s 3 years and 9 months now. Hopefully by the age of 4 he will use the toilet.

  4. I know how you feel, it’s such a mixed feeling at these milestones when they’re becoming bigger and less like our baby each time! x x

  5. Aw well done to little man, he has done fantastic. I have just recently gone through this with Archie currently tackling nights which is fun, surprisingly he is doing really well. xx

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