Time to Relax {The Ordinary Moments}

The Ordinary Moments is a chance to celebrate the little things that happen in your day to day life, the normal things. When blogging we tend to focus on the big milestones but the small, ordinary things are just as special and important.

It’s not often we get to spend good quality time as a family – a couple of hours here and there around Dave’s shifts. But one thing we like to do in those few hours is relax, have a cup of tea (coffee in Dave’s case) and just ‘be’ for a while.

Little Man has started being a lot more interactive and has started rolling onto his sides a lot. He loves to just lay on the floor, tug at his socks, roll on his sides, chew his fists and laugh at us! We love to entertain him – blowing raspberries, making noises, plying boo. Anything to get a reaction. Even LP joins in trying to copy the noises and blowing raspberries on his tummy after nappy changes.

Time to Relax

These times are lovely, the four of us just relaxing together. It’s nice to have no plans, nothing that we have to be doing and just time to be a family.

Time to relax.

9 thoughts on “Time to Relax {The Ordinary Moments}”

  1. Definitely moments to treasure. Time to just be together as a family without any pressure of having to be somewhere or get something done is just so precious isn’t it, and makes up for all the time you had to tag team just to keep on top of everything!

  2. I really love these moments, we love to have lazy Sundays- we usually do our food shop, or go to the park and then come home and have lunch, snuggle and watch TV or play. They honestly are my favourite moments, just being relaxed and enjoying the quiet times together. I love the different angle of that photo. x

  3. I love days like that! Gorgeous pic. Enjoy every second as it just flies by – I can’t believe my baby turned one a couple of weeks ago. Now you’re making me broody all over again thinking about little babies. x


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