Making a Change – Getting my Teeth Straightened as an Adult

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When I was a teenager I had braces. It was 18 months of regular orthodontist visits and then a retainer for six months afterwards. I had beautifully straight teeth but gradually my teeth started to move after I stopped wearing the retainer.

Making a Change - Getting my Teeth Straightened as an Adult
These are clearly not the best pictures but they’re all I can find. I have my retainer in and you can see how straight my teeth are.

I didn’t even really notice it, I just lived life and one day realised that my teeth weren’t how they used to be. Even now looking at wedding photos my teeth have moved so much since then and it’s something that makes me feel self conscious and less positive about myself.

I think the main problem is because I had straight teeth, because I went through so much to get straight teeth, I feel like I’ve been robbed of that lovely smile that I had 15-20 years ago. But, as we age our jaw and teeth change and sadly, my teeth have got more crowded over those years and I would do anything to have straight teeth again.

So last week I went to The Dental Studio to look at my options for teeth straightening and in all honesty I thought that I would need teeth taking out to make room in my mouth or some other massive treatment plan.

I have never spoken to a dentist about straightening my teeth as I was scared of their answers. I was worried it would be too much work, that it would be too expensive or that I would just cry in the dentist chair and not be able to talk about it.

But, Stephen at The Dental Studio was lovely. The whole set up put me at ease and I was taken through a check up and x-rays to make sure my mouth, teeth and bones were healthy before looking at my options.

When he said I didn’t need teeth out and that straightening my teeth was possible I could have cried. I have had the thought of straightening my teeth in the back of my mind for so long that to hear it was actually possible was incredible.

We talked about my options. There’s actually more wrong with my teeth than just the alignment as I have an overbite and my molars don’t line up correctly. I have also worn my back teeth down quite a lot through grinding my teeth in my sleep – thanks to the stress from my old job. But, all that aside, I had two options to choose from.

If I wanted to fix my whole mouth, make all my teeth line up and bite correctly I could look at a long term and probably more invasive treatment plan. In the end I decided that as I eat without issue and have learnt to live with my back teeth as they are the most important thing to me was straightening them – purely the cosmetic side of things.

So Stephen spoke to me about CFast, a clear brace system that should straighten my teeth within a year. I’ve looked online and a lot of people see results in 6-9 months but I have waited over half my life for straight teeth so even if it takes a year or more I’ll be happy.

The braces consist of clear brackets on my teeth and a tooth coloured wire which gets changed monthly. My teeth will then be filed in places to make room for them to move – which sounds quite scary but I’ve been assured it will be fine and is common practice now – rather than taking teeth out which can make too much room in your mouth.

After deciding on CFast I had pictures taken of me and my teeth and then moulds made of my teeth as well. I was so impressed with how quickly everything happened – I expected to go back again to have the moulds taken but in the end I was at The Dental Studio for an hour – an hour that may be one of the most significant hours of my life.

I go back to The Dental Studio at the start of December to have the braces fitted and then will go back every month after that until the treatment is complete. After that I’ll need to have both a permanent and temporary retainer – necessary to stop my teeth moving again.

This is all huge for me. It’s something I have wanted for so long and on my drive back from The Dental Studio last week I was so emotional. I now can’t wait to get the braces fitted. I am half nervous and half excited. I know it won’t all be positive – I know that braces pretty much destroy the inside of your mouth until you get rid of them and I know that I will need to learn to talk with the braces in and eating will be difficult for the first couple of days. I also know that each month when I go back to have the wire changed it will be like starting over again.

But, I’m prepared. It will be short term pain for long term gain and I am so thankful for The Dental Studio for making this as stress free and seamless as possible for me. Over the next months I’ll be documenting getting the braces, living with them and the finished results so make sure you follow my Facebook page and Instagram Stories – but I’ll put a video together at the end so you can see the treatment from start to finish too. I’m excited to share it all with you.

Making a Change - Getting my Teeth Straightened as an Adult

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  1. Good for you Donna. I hadn’t realised you’d had braces before, and never known anyone’s teeth move back afterwards. Soul destroying.

    I know so many people who’ve had braces as an adult and it really does make a difference.

  2. Really interesting Donna. I have had my teeth straightened by using Invisalign which are plastic trays that fit over your teeth. Each tray is worn for 2 weeks then you progress to the next. I opted for this method as I didn’t want a mouthful of wire when I was in my 60’s. My treatment lasted just over the year and I now have fixed retainers behind top and bottom front teeth and wear plastic retainers overnight. I am so happy with my results and look forward to comparing my notes with yours.

  3. I had braces as a teenager but as I’ve got older my teeth are on the move again. I am tempted to go through with having braces again but I just don’t have the funds 🙁 I’m pretty sure for a 30-something it’s classed as cosmetic rather than necessary. My Grandma tripped over and smashed up her teeth/face. Part of the treatment was then to have braces – seeing my 70yo Grandma with braces was interesting lol. Will be great to see how yours turn out.

  4. I’m so excited for you. Dave also wore braces in his teens but didn’t wear his retainer for long enough and all his teeth moved back too. Will you have to wear a retainer permanently to prevent it happening again? At night or something? I can’t wait to learn about the process and see what a difference it makes to you!

    1. Yep, I’ll have a fixed retainer which is like a wire behind my teeth that will stay there forever and then I will have a retainer to wear at night – every night for six months and then every other night forever x

  5. I never even thought that your teeth could move back after wearing a brace in the teenage years. My son is currently going through treatment with the Orthodontist, first wearing a removable brace before moving on to a fixed one. Look forward to hearing how you get on during your journey x

  6. Fantastic! You’ll never look back Donna. Mine is almost complete after 9 months and it’s so worth it. Sounds like you’re getting a different treatment to me but whatever works eh? I’m well aware though that I’ll need my retain for life at night 🙁

  7. I hope it all goes well! My teeth no longer meet properly for biting and chewing! It is weird as I used to be a nail biter…good job I quit that as I couldn’t now if I tried! I’d love to sort it out but couldn’t afford any kind of treatment. I don’t know if the NHS does this type of thing or if it is just private!

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