A Year Ago I had Cfast Adult Braces Fitted

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This time last year I drove to The Dental Studio in Colchester to have my set of Cfast adult braces fitted. It feels like such a long time ago and I just remember how incredibly nervous I was and how much my whole face hurt after getting the braces put on.

A Year Ago I had Cfast Adult Braces Fitted

I have now been brace free for over six months – the whole process took just over five months – and my new smile doesn’t feel so new anymore, it just feels like me. It feels like the smile I was always meant to have.

I wrote about the whole process of having braces as an adult, including a video diary, and watching the video back makes me feel so emotional – I really was a different person then. Before having the braces fitted and whilst having them on I had no confidence – something that changed towards the end of the process when I saw my teeth getting straighter and I just couldn’t stop smiling even with the braces.

Now, I smile all the time. I am happy to chat to new people, I am happy to be talking on video and I love having my photo taken. I feel like I have come fully out of my shell for the first time in my whole adult life and I wish that I had known getting my teeth straightened would have this effect on me – I would have had it done so much sooner.

A Year Ago I had Cfast Adult Braces Fitted

A year on from getting adult braces fitted and my teeth don’t feel like an extra part of me anymore – they are just my teeth. I have fixed retainers behind both my top and bottom teeth and I wear a removable retainer at night. I can’t floss but use tepe brushes instead and my teeth are now one of the most important parts of me – I am looking after them as well as I possibly can.

It’s amazing how much difference having straight teeth can make and a year on from getting the braces put on I feel like a completely different person. It’s been quite a year on so many fronts and it’s nice to look back and see how far me – and my teeth – have come.

You can read about my full teeth straightening experience – and see the video – here. If you’re debating whether to do it, go for it. It may end up being so much more meaningful than just straight teeth.

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